Can We Ignore the Truth?

Donald Trump Is Not Well

If your answer is “No, we can not ignore it,” then the next question becomes … is there anything we can do about it?

Of course there is! And it’s summed up in one word … VOTE in the 2020 elections!

As a nation, it is essential that we accept the reality that our current leader has a disordered personality — and it is our democratic duty to ensure this psychologically and morally unfit person does not continue in the role of POTUS.

As the article writer states, “Trump’s psychological impairments are obvious to all who are not willfully blind. On a daily basis we see the president’s chaotic, unstable mind on display.” (Emphasis added)

And then he asks, “Are we supposed to ignore that?”

I think not.

Image by teeveesee from Pixabay

42 thoughts on “Can We Ignore the Truth?

  1. I’d say it’s more than just a Democratic duty Nan. It’s your duty as Americans and more and more Republicans are being turned off by this man’s gross behaviour. More and more are showing the courage to stand against him even though some States are trying to stop them and while the NTA pours money in to prevent some stated turning Blue.I hope you can show them in a big way that they may never recover from.
    Huge Hugs

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    • The author used the term “democratic duty.” I felt he was more likely referencing the broader definition — Characterized by or advocating or based upon the principles of democracy or social equality — rather than just “the party.”

      Bottom line … we need to get this guy out of office!

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      • I agree. So, why then the language of, “Trump’s psychological impairments are obvious to all who are not willfully blind?” Even psychiatrists that I have personally asked about Trump have never said that he had “psychological impairments”, even in cases where they didn’t like him personally. So, exactly who is it then that is willfully blind?


        • You’ll have to ask the article’s author that question.

          However, IMO (only), it would seem he’s most likely referring to those who seem to agree with Trump’s assessment of himself as “the chosen one.”

          Again, IMO, some of his actions (and comments) as the sitting president are so far-fetched, it’s difficult to consider him as anything but psychologically impaired.

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        • Maybe you should talk to psycbhiatrists or psychologists who have no idea you are a TrumPet. Look on youtube. With a little imagination of keywords you can find professionals who call him narcissist, paranoid narcissist, sociopath, and other interesting words. But I doubt you want to watch those videos, they are obviously fake news!

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          • Why would I believe YouTube, or you for that matter. What I was questioning was the language used and not necessarily the conclusion.The person said that you’d have to be blind not to see it. Well, they didn’t see it. So, I suppose they were all blind. I suppose.


            • The professionals you spoke to may very well have had a different opinion. That’s why, in the “real world,” people are advised to consult with other doctors to verify a serious diagnosis.

              I think the difference here is there are a number of professionals who agree. In fact, awhile back there was a report called, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” which was put together by a cadre of psychiatrists and psychologists.

              Further, based on a Raw Story interview with one of the report’s lead authors, he commented: [W]e have recommended that the president agree to undergo a formal evaluation by an independent, nongovernmental panel of experts. Neither the president nor his associates have documented a valid mental health evaluation. With the preponderance of evidence and the extreme dangers implied in presidential incapacity, it is critical that he clarify this issue for the good of the country.

              As far as I know, he’s never submitted to this exam … and one can’t help but wonder, why not? He makes a BIG DEAL over his health after his examination by a government physician. It would seem this would provide him with the same opportunity.

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            • Everyone misses my point Nan. They just want to rant about Trump. Well, rant away because that’s your privilege. I was just asking about how it is that one person can call half the world “blind” because they believe in something different than what they believe in. You know, like the atheists and the deists shouting at one another. As for the fact that certain people, say psychiatrists, believe that Trump is deranged – that’s irrelevant to my point. There will always be “intelligent” people on both sides of a debate. In fact, my own man-on-the street survey of 39 people found that about half don’t like Trump but almost three-fourths wouldn’t say that a person was “blind” if they didn’t agree that he was psychologically unstable. So, if you want to believe that Trump is unstable, or whatever, it seems only appropriate to express one’s opinions in ways that aren’t offensive and/or illogical. After all, you want people to believe you, don’t you?

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            • Two points…willfully blind aside… Then you can say people who like trump are like him or want to be like him and if you or anyone thinks that he sets a good example, well so be it…

              If one (and not necessarily you) wants to keep burying their heads deeper in the ground, one day their heads will turn upwards and bite themselves in the ass.

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        • Trump is a sadist, grossly incompetent, and profoundly hostile to the essential institutions of democracy. Whether any of that meets some definition of “psychological impairments” or not is just an irrelevant argument about labels. He shouldn’t be President and needs to be voted out.

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  2. But…but…but…Obama claimed to be the chosen one of God and that he could grab women by the privates simply because he was famous and no one complained! Right?! Right?! (um..wait…that..WAS obama who did that, right? or…or…was it FDR?)

    *Side note: Can you even imagine if Obama had behaved as Trump does? Or if Hillary had won and SHE were claiming to be God’s chosen one? Can you even imagine?!

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  3. Unfortunately his followers readily overlook absurdity all they care about is a President who speaks the language of right wing fear, Christian fundamentalism, climate denial jibber-jabber and anti-liberal froth. His maniacal pitfalls are irrelevant, common sense need not apply. I’m worried!

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    • What he has done is to open the doors to anything that wants to slither through. In the holy name of democracy, he welcomes the skinhead, the neonazis, the bigots, the racists…

      and on the other side of all this madness is the new madness of so politically correct one nearly burns oneself at the stake over it. Like Justin Trudeau who, 15 or so years ago, was in a play where he was portrayed as a Middle Eastern Potentate. It was not a miinstrel show, it was not denigrating anything, it was a play, for heaven’s sake…but people are now clutching their pearls and tsking all over the place about it.

      We seem to have entered the rabbit hole with alice, and have no way to get out.

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      • This Canadian couldn’t agree more!
        Regarding the Trudeau brown/blackface fiasco – He wasn’t speaking hate, no racial malice existed. My goodness! What next? Will certain Halloween costumes be subject to prosecution under federal hate crime legislation? Is whiteface makeup of a child’s ghost costume offensive to albinos? Egyptian mummy costume offensive to those recovering from serious burns? Is it acceptable to wear a mask depicting black musicians like Tina Turner or Kanye West, but not appear as either with face makeup? My point being – wake up people, this is ridiculous! Sigh.


        • I think in an effort to bend over too far backwards, we are overdoing the carefulness, and it becomes almost a parody of political correctness. I think there needs to be a statue of limitations on such things, and take into account the intent of the action itself.

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  4. Hi Nan,
    Guess you heard by now a Dem committee has recommended looking deeper into impeaching the Impotent POTUS. If they back off now they are going to be seen as weaklings, and politically equal to the Repugs. If they won’t challenge him, why should the voters!

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    • That was the House Judiciary Committee (not “a Dem committee”, though it does currently have a Democratic majority), which voted to start an impeachment inquiry. The purpose of this is to widen the scope of things related to Trump that the House can investigate.

      Actually starting an impeachment, as opposed to an impeachment inquiry, would be a serious mistake. Impeaching Trump (a) has no chance of removing him, (b) would probably make his re-election more likely, and (c) would endanger our House majority — many House Democrats represent purplish districts, and impeachment is very unpopular with the voters. This is probably becoming even more true as the economy is slowing down. I want to see the government focusing like a laser on the economy, not engaging in political posturing and theatrics.

      We have one shot at getting rid of Trump — the election.

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      • You see things your way, I see things mine. Keep Trump scared by piling on more and more facts and truth, because he WILL REACT more and more like the two year-old bully that he is. He hates to be shown up as fallible, but the American electorate needs to be shown how insane he really is, which is very insane. He will crumble like a baby, but in so doing he will lash out at everyone who dares threaten the “smartest man in the world,” not just the smartest man in America. Lashing out will prove him insane.
        Challenge him on as many fantasies of his that you can find. Inundate the media with truth, and destroy his perfect little world. Even if the repugs stop him from being impeached his true colours will shine through.
        Leave him looking harmless and blameless and you will assure his re-election. America’s choice, but at the cost of world’s existence.

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        • You (RG) and Infidel each make a good case.

          Lately I’ve noticed some of his more crazy antics..sharpie weather maps, lightbulbs causing orange skin, turning away desperate people from the Bahamas and repeating the same rhetoric he did with the Mexican rapists, drug dealers etc. has cause a slight lowering of his approval ratings, so if he behaves even more crazy, which he will no doubt….it make work to his disadvantage.

          On the other hand a failed impeachment could help him definitely and I think Pelosi has been smart on this.
          The better bet would be the other Federal courts, if they have the balls, to do more after he is no longer president. But if he is re elected, which is highly likely, that will fade away and the chance will be lost.

          On top of that is a stacked unbalanced Supreme Court and an a corrupt AG, that will work in his favor.

          Voting is our last choice and with the constant gerrymandering and suppression of black voters, the apathy of the youth, the utterly brainwashed religious right and their demigods, I have serious serious concerns for the future of everything.

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          • The world is not fair. America is now less fair than even it used to be. So maybe something can be done to help make it a bit more fair.
            I want to suggest again in those areas where gerrymandering is taking place, providing free buses to take people from their homes direct to the voting sites, and back again, from 1/2 an hour before the polls open till as long as is needed to take everyone back home again. If the Dems themselves are not willing to pay for this, which they ought to be, then start up grass roots organizations to help pay for such a service.
            Unfortunately I know something like this willl cause a backlash from Repug voters which may lead to violence of some kind, I am not wearing my rose-colored glasses, but still something substantial must be tried. If Americans are proud to live in a democracy, prove it is democratic for all, not just for some.

            And impeachment does not have to be won to be successful. It would be nice if it did, of course, but impeachment could be successful it it shows the extent to which Trump us willing to go to win an election, and just how anti-democratic and megalomaniacal and narcissitic he truly is. Heap it on as high and long as possible, because you can wear down some of his followers with sheer quanity of his abuses. This would not be like a court of nine judges, but a court of 3.5 billion judges. And doing it before the next election is mandatory., cuz it will never happen after, if he wins
            THIS IS MY HONEST OPINION, and I offer it to America free of charge, because I care for the whole world, not just one small part of it.

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          • If anyone has ever had a relationship with a Narcissist, they recognize the blame placing, the ‘You made me break that lamp’ attitude, the highly creative way of deflecting criticism…and my favorite, “Oh I didn’t think you were interested…” which excuses all bad behavior in a Narcissist. If THEY ain’t interested, no one else could be.

            Mr. Trump, meet my mother.

            I noticed early on in the campaign the TV people were marveling over how Trump could change directions in the middle of a sentence. It was funny, and interesting to watch. Then they slowly realized he changed directions in mid sentence because he had forgotten where he was headed. ouch. And the marvel became concern.

            It is one thing to dislike a President’s policies and criticize them. That’s par. It’s another to realize he HAS no pollicies and is running clueless in the White House. The Presidency is not a learn as you go game of cards, and it does seem even if it were, he’s not learning. He’s still trying to run this country the way you run a company–you don’t like the advice you’re given, you fire the advisor. You don’t approve of the way someone disagrees with you, you force him out of a job. And we know damn well that Sarah Sanders left for some serious reasons she’s not discussing.

            It used to be a given that most of a president’s advisors were in permanent positions unless something major happened. Now the door swings open once a day.

            I have never appreciated Nixon more than I do right now. He at least had the good grace to resign.

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            • If anyone has ever had a relationship with a Narcissist, they recognize the blame placing, the ‘You made me break that lamp’ attitude, the highly creative way of deflecting criticism

              We had two of those in the house. We managed to train them out of it. But maybe all children start out that way.

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          • you know, if an ‘ordinary’ citizen or a neighbor started doing this, we’d get nervous. Rants, tirades, temper tantrums, and then trying to take control (aha, I think I may be on to something) of anything that crossed their threshhold…
            This is a man out of control, and part of him knows it. As a narcissist he needs utter control of everything he gets. Whether it’s the weather service, or elections, or people, and if he sees that those controls are not working, he squeezes a bit tighter. Inside that head there’s a terrified man, seeing his tightly managed world unraveling.
            I keep seeing the last hurrah of Joe McCarthy, when he was finally confronted by his accusers and they said, “senator, have you no decency” and he lost it.

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        • there is no way for the president to look harmless and blameless, not even if you encased him in cement. To anyone who admires him, he IS blameless. That’s the hallmark of the Narcissist. They cannot conceive of failing, or giving the appearance of failing, and their fans/followers bolster that.
          My mother was a Narcissist. Her friends adored her, they took care of her and nodded sympathetically while she told them how mean I was to her, how I neglected her, on and on and on. But the people who saw through all that quietly backed away, and let me know how they felt.
          This is what Trump does. He has no stuffing inside, so he builds this amazing shell around himself, composed of fans and admirers and terror.
          Even if he loses the election, I can almost see the chaos he will create, demanding recounts, firing what’s left of his staff, waving his arms, possibly even refusing to leave. It will be Hillary’s fault, Obama’s fault, McCain’s fault…

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          • No matter what anyone else thinks … IMO, the man is off his rocker. Yes, he has lucid moments, but it’s difficult to believe his autoschediastic (look it up) actions and his off-the-cuff remarks about things and people are coming from a person of sound mind.

            Not to mention his tremendously over-sized ego (which undoubtedly comes from self-doubt and insecurity) that won’t allow him to admit he just might be wrong about something.

            Psychiatric tests should be mandatory for the final POTUS candidates — on both sides.

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  5. Hello Nan. Interesting article. I feel we are the frog in the slowly heating pot of water. The question is what does it take to get the non-cult tRumpist to be motivated to not only vote against him but to work to out him. When will those “normal” republicans say even a Democrat is worth voting for to remove tRump. If putting kids in cages did not outrage Republican pro-lifers family values people, if clear open violation of laws doesn’t outrage the “law and order party”, if siding with a foreign leader over out own agencies doesn’t shock and frighten the “we are losing our country crowd…is there any hope anything can reach them? Are they any different than the cult of tRump if they wont move against him and the actions to numerous to list? I am worried, not about tRumps state of mind as we know just how wrenched a human he his, but I worry about the people of this country who accept his administration with less than outrage. Hugs

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    • All of these “concerns” are surface dressing for the REAL underlying pathology of about 25% of the population: deeply rooted racism and toxic masculinity. When combined with fascist-level nationalism, they don’t CARE about their purported “issues” in reality.

      Trump is not the problem. Voters like Chicago Joe are.

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  6. I’ve seen Mr. Wehner on talk shows, and he’s a pretty straight-forward guy. He’s one of those ‘decent’ Republicans….a moderate, intelligent man. In other words, he’s a dying breed in that party. I’m so sick and tired of hearing how “privately” some Republicans in Congress are “concerned” about the president’s erratic and bizarre behavior. Give me a break. None of them has grown a spine during his presidency. And the ones who have spoken out…Corker and Flake come to mind….are gone. And now you have them whining about Dems moving toward an impeachment inquiry. The madness continues Nan…..

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    • I can understand, if not condone, being afraid to speak out. As you say, And the ones who have spoken out…are gone. anyone who disagrees with him disappears. They either resign, or are put on leave, or just fired. These are careers they are risking, and I can’t really blame them for not wanting to put their hands in that particular fire.

      My biggest fear is that the godforsaken Electoral college will do what they did the last time, and give him the presidency. If that happens, we are all screwed.

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      • You’re so right. The time to revisit the efficacy of the electoral college is long overdue. But we certainly aren’t getting rid of it anytime soon. So, we have to beat him. Badly. And decisively. There can be no daylight whatsoever. Him and his cult will yell and scream if it’s close and his sycophants in the Senate and House will most likely follow his lead. This is serious stuff. I sure as hell hope the people get off their rear ends and vote. If they do? We win. If not? UGHHHH

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  7. To all readers and followers — we will be traveling for the next 10 days or so and my participation will greatly depend on internet access. Please continue to post your comments and I’ll respond as I can.

    And no need to send “good wishes” for our trip. It just takes up space on the blog … and besides, I feel certain you’re all either (a) envious, or (b) sending thoughts and prayers that we’ll have a good time. 😈

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