And Speaking of Hate

From an older (6/29/17) New York Times article by Charles M. Blow. While much of the article content is dated, I believe the following still holds true.

Trump was sent to Washington to strip it of all traces of Obama, to treat the Obama legacy as a historical oddity. Trump’s entire campaign was about undoing what Obama had done.

Indeed, much of what Trump has accomplished — and it hasn’t been much — has been to undo Obama’s accomplishments, like pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Paris climate agreement and reversing an Obama-era rule that helped prevent guns from being purchased by certain mentally ill people.

For Trump, even plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act aren’t so much about creating better policy as they are about dismantling Obama’s legacy. The problem with Obamacare isn’t that it hasn’t borne fruit, but rather that it bears Obama’s name.

For Trump, the mark of being a successful president is the degree to which he can expunge Obama’s presidency.

As Blow says earlier in the article, “The whole world seemed to love Obama — and by extension, held America in high regard — but the world loathes Trump.”

And Trump knows it.

I believe it’s this realization that’s behind many of Trump’s actions. He’s trying so hard to accomplish something that will cause people all over the world to look up to him … to admire him … to respect him. But most of all, he wants to erase Obama’s legacy.

No doubt he’ll keep trying and, contrary to what his supporters believe, We the People will be the ones who will suffer in the long run.

Visit Psychology Today for a comprehensive article on the emotion of hate.

31 thoughts on “And Speaking of Hate

  1. Right Blow is, Nan, and right you are. But it is more than hate, it is RACIST HATE than fuels Trump. Obama was a great president, probably one of the greatest presidents the USA has ever had. I can think of none better. And he was also the first black president. The lily-white Orange Clown had to tear him down by destroying his legacies. It didn’t matter how good they were, they were made by a black man. He had to make them look worthless. Little two-year old Donnie had to kick sand in Barack’s face, take his ball, and go home screaming. And he is still doing just that.
    He will never grow up, nor will he ever stop hating. Two amazing attributes for a so-called president of the free world. Obama shows him up everyday, even if he does not make the news for months at a time.
    Obama is a gentleman and a stateman.
    Donnie is just a scared brat and bully.

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    • Certainly it’s racist hate. I just didn’t want to highlight that. But it’s most definitely at the core.

      From my memory, Kennedy was a pretty good president as well. Clinton wasn’t bad … he had some notable accomplishments — as well as some missteps (!!).

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      • He has spent his entire time in the White House campaigning against Obama, who will probably not be running again any time soon, taking out Michelle (one of the classier ladies out there), shredding Hillary and beating up on Clinton. He seems not to realize that these people are no longer a threat to him.

        He is his biggest threat. It does seem that many thoughtful republicans are waking up to what they have done, and are pushing back. I read this morning that at least two states are canceling the republican convention. bwahahaha

        not sure how accurate it is, but at this point I’ll take crumbs…

        Clinton wasn’t perfect. His mistake was getting caught with what’s her name, who was no ewe lamb herself. (Now I see she is writing a tear filled book of justifications about ‘that man’. Everyone forgets she had been living with a guy twice her age since she was 17…
        Kennedy wasn’t perfect, but in those days Presidents were protected more, which is why he DIDN’T get caught. Most presidents have mistresses, it’s almost a given, since power attracts women. I would be very surprised if Trump doesn’t have a few ladies himself. Naming no names, but she is blonde…

        I did notice that as soon as Trump became president the Klan surfaced, and the Skin Heads, and You Tube is now filled with fat white women getting precious about that young black kid on ‘their’ street…coincidence? I don’t think so…

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        • I’m not sure if you realize that cancelling the presidential nomination elections actually means no one can challenge tRumpsky in those states. IOW, the Republican contenders are the same as non-existent.

          Just because the Republican Party in those states feels confident that tRumpsky would garner the nomination is NOT a reason to bar other candidates. As one of them said, “You cannot just eliminate elections.”

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        • Give Trump and Moscow Mitch another term, and I assure you, elections will be just like a WWE match: the results will be determined before the match/election even begins. God bless Putin and all the great things he and Traitor Donny are doing for America, Jesus Christ, and Apple Pie.

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        • Easy, now. Deep breaths. In, out, in, out.

          In comparison to Trump, Putin is shuttered, isn’t he. I look at him and that relatively immobile expression and think, he gives nothing away, not a glimmer. All the engines are firing in there, but he has that flat ‘oriental’ cast that tells you that he’s alive, but he ain’t tellin’. I also think he’s been playing Trump like a banjo.

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        • And the Republican party has done this because they are now essentially just an extension of Trump. They are actively blocking any possibility of separating themselves as a party from this absurd and vile man.

          When Trump is out of power, there must be no re-writing of history. The Republicans are the Party of Trump, forever.

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    • Can’t disagree with your detestation for Trump and his psychological need to attack Obama. Not sure I share your enthusiasm for the former president, though. The criminal speculators and spreadsheet diddlers who helped crash the economy got off scott free. Guantanamo is still a blot. Yemen, Afghanistan, etc.

      He was a conservative/centrist who largely did what The Owners wanted.


      • The world news media did not cover him as well as they now cover Trump. What we saw in Obama was a great statesman, with a few political bumps. Trump, he puts bumps in everyone’s road, hoping no one can see the barriers he is constructing.


  2. It w as obvious from the get go what Trump thought of Obama. What doesn’t seem to have penetrated his skull is that if he wants to wipe out the Obama legacy he has to find better options than the legislation that upsets him so much. A health plan that really benefits the people and not the half assed attempts he;s made so far.All the time he’s like a distant monarch on his throne detached from the people and what they need.
    Huge Hugs

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    • It’s been pretty obvious so far that tRumpsky has no ideas of his own. Most of his “accomplishments” have simply been actions to eliminate things he doesn’t like. And of course keeping “The Wall” in the news.

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  3. I mean the look on Trump’s face when Obama was ripping into him around the time of him running for his last term of president during the annual press dinner, was the face of somebody who wanted to punish Obama for that laughter at Trump’s expense. I think the laughter there by members of the press is also a big part of his attack on the press and his not attending that dinner as past presidents have done. As a racist, narcissist and powerful man, this was too much for him to bear. And Obama had good reason to do it given how much Trump lead the birther charge.

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      • Yes, he is that petty and that obsessive. He can never let any sort of slight pass. Look at Sharpiegate. Saying that Dorian might threaten Alabama was an utterly trivial mistake of the kind people make every day. He could have corrected himself, or let the weather service’s correction pass without comment, and it would have been forgotten in thirty seconds. But he can’t let anything slide. He had to make a huge issue of it for days, crudely change an official map, and force the weather service to issue a statement “vindicating” him. So he’s certainly petty enough to mess up the whole planet for the sake of carrying out a vendetta against Obama for making fun of him.

        I don’t think it’s even so much racism as personal vindictiveness (Trump’s racism seems to target Hispanics more than blacks). But a lot of the people who voted for him were motivated by racism.

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        • I completely agree with you Infidel. He is the definition of a true narcissist. He has no humility. He cannot admit mistakes. In part that is why he has been successful as a con man who has simply convinced people as to the quality of his brand, even though the brand isn’t all that it seems. It’s part of the reason why it’s so hard to understand why he was voted for. There were other racist white people they could have voted for. lol I mean seriously though, to me it’s not that I can see the cracks in the facade…cracks imply that they are hard to see…for me he is so blatantly obvious a conman who is 100% confidence with far less behind. But there seems to be a large group of people who believe in him to the point of religious fanaticism.

          Regarding the ridiculousness of sharpiegate that I wanted to clarify your point that it was actually an “unnamed source” at NOAA who he got to vindicate him. The National Weather service did not. NWS is just one government agency under NOAA. Not all that work for NOAA are meteorologists and the head of NOAA that Trump appointed is not even a scientist (big surprise!). So it’s likely the unnamed source was not a meteorologist.


        • Unfortunately turning NOAA into a partisan agency this will have negative consequences on public trust. Fortunately the top about at NOAA is investigating who this unnamed source is and why they didn’t support the science or their forecasters.

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        • Of course it will! But it seems to me that Trump has managed to divert many of the “non-partisan agencies” over to his arena — most likely by coercion rather than choice. It’s unfortunate, but neutrality seems to be a dirty word in this administration.


    • in that image of the video noted up there, just beyond Trump is a woman’s face, and the expression on her face, and the body language are extremely interesting. The last time I saw that look on someone’s face was when they were exhibiting vast disapproval over something…

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