Remember The Victims

I wrote this as a comment on one of my other blog posts, but decided it needed a post of its own.

From a news report on recent shooting in Texas (8/31/19) —

“Details on the victims have yet to be released. The wounded include three law enforcement officers.”

“The gunman was identified as Seth Ator”.

I understand “privacy” as related to friends and relatives of the victims, but IMO, knowing who these human beings were and the roles they played while alive is FAR more important than knowing who killed them. To this end, I don’t think the shooter’s name should be released until AFTER the victims are identified.

Restful Days

From the front window of our motor-home

We got away from the grind this past week and spent a few days in Florence, Oregon. For those not familiar, it’s a town located on the Oregon coast, about two hours from where we live.

We visit this area fairly frequently to enjoy the weather (which was beautiful this trip), do a bit of shopping, dine in some of their nice restaurants (several are next to the water), and just “hang out.”

The RV park we stay at is owned by the Elks (my other-half is a member) and costs considerably less than most parks. It’s located inland, so no “ocean view,” but it’s set among the trees and offers quiet surroundings. Its only downfall is minimal wi-fi. *sigh*

Anyway, we’re back now — and I’m trying to catch up up on the many, many blog posts and comments that I had to skip while we were gone. 🤪