2020 Democratic Candidates

I just read a rather fascinating article in The Guardian related to the 2020 Democratic lineup for POTUS.

As I’ve been hearing about the various individuals who have entered the race, I’ve been a bit puzzled because many of them are totally unfamiliar to me. I couldn’t help but wonder if they truly expected to win since they were such an “unknown.” (And from what I’ve read, even more are considering entering the fray.)

The article addresses my question and explains that not all of the candidates are actually hoping to be elected. For some of them, winning isn’t the end game. In other words, they are “running for president without running for president.”

While we’re on the subject … do you have one or more early favorites? Also are you willing to “predict” who might end up as the Democratic nominee? (No pressure … just for fun.)

22 thoughts on “2020 Democratic Candidates

  1. Hard to predict who’ll get the nomination at this time, but I’m partial to Bernie and/or Mayor Pete. Imagine the shear joy the evangelicals would experience should the president be an openly gay man. That, in and of itself, is clearly NOT a good reason, by itself, for him to win, but watching evangelicals squirm because of it would bring me countless hours of pleasant, loving dreams. Like Shakespeare once said to his barber, Henry Shakyhands, “Henry, let me tell ya about evangelicals: they suck.”

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  2. Yes, I agree that not all candidates are really running for president. Some of them are running for increased name recognition, perhaps eying a run for president at a later date.

    It was my conclusion back in 2008, that Barack Obama was running for name recognition. But he won anyway.

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  3. My main concern is that with nine miilion candidates, the democratic pool will collapse under the sheer volume of it all and the only one with any political steam will be Mr. Trump.

    I like Bernie, but frankly he’s a bit scattered at this point, and much too old for a job that demanding. Beyond that, I have no particular preferences, it’s way too soon.

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    • I think as time goes on, some of the lesser-known candidates will drop out. As the article points out, not all of them actually want to be president. Of course, it’s early and lots can happen, but I tend to think some of the front-runners will remain in that role.

      I liked Bernie last time around. Not so sure this time. I really think we need some new/young blood. If the 20-somethings will get out and vote, it’ll be interesting to see who they choose.

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  4. Well of course I’d be for any of them over trump. I think Bernie and Biden are too old, but I respect them both. I prefer Bernie over Biden.
    Harris, Booker I like too.
    But my personal favorite has become Mayor Pete! I just love this guy. Such decency, class and what Inspiredbythedivine said too. He’s got it all…young, smart, speaks extremely well, military background, open and not afraid of who he is and well educated. OK I’m biased.😜

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  5. Oh and you don’t want to know my prediction, if you get my drift. I just hope the Democratic party puts their best man or woman forward. It’s the only hope we have. Otherwise, we can kiss it all goodbye.

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  6. Even though I’m not American these elections fascinate me.I think if the Democrats don’t pull themselves together and start pulling together they’ll hand the election on a plate to Super Crow and his wall again and this time he will have won fairly.I like Mayor Pete and Beto O;Rourke though not necessarily as a team. There are some god ladies running to and It would be great if one of them was brought in as a running mate to give them a chance of a future run on their own. Maybe the country would be ready for a woman then.
    A bit of youth in the White House might get the country moving and give the young hope.

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  7. I’m starting to like Buttigieg, although at this point that’s based almost entirely on his obvious intelligence and energy, and to a much lesser extent on what a sign of progress it would be if an openly-gay President were elected. It’s way too early to delve in depth into candidates’ exact combinations of stances, or to speculate on whose closets contain skeletons likely to present a serious problem.

    I agree that with Biden and Sanders age is an issue. They’re older than Trump, and I think by the time the election approaches Trump’s already-evident mental deterioration will have gotten so bad as to make age a significant issue for a lot of voters. But so far, at least, they’re leading in the polls; the voters will decide.

    I do think our nominee needs to do well with Latino voters and especially with blacks. We can’t win the general election without their votes. So far Biden is polling well with black voters. Sanders did terribly with them in the 2016 primaries. How well Buttigieg could appeal to them is hard to say at this point.

    Obviously I’ll vote for whoever the nominee is. The bottom line is to get Trump out.

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  8. I’m liking several … at this time, I think I like Jay Inslee and Pete Buttigieg best for both platform and electability. However, I will say that, as David mentioned, if the democrats don’t unite and put all their weight behind one highly electable candidate, we will be stuck with the Idiot-in-Chief for yet another 4 years, and this nation as it was once known will cease to exist. So, sadly, it may boil down not to who has the best ideology, but who can beat Trump.

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  9. My main concern is getting rid of the Toddler-in-Chief and electing a Democrat. I believe Biden has the best chance of doing that. He will need to select a truly Oval Office-ready VP because, as you say, he is old. I do think he is mentally fit enough. But things happen and it is a stressful job.

    If electablity were not a consideration, my choice would be Elizabeth Warren. She is brilliant, a policy wonk, very, very thorough and prepared, and I like her ideas.

    Not sure we dare risk running a woman for the big chair this time. I think a lot of the anti-Hillary brouhaha was misogengy. Not all. I know people have legitimate issues with the Clintons. She had my support. I admire her.

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  10. I currently have 5 candidates I am most interested in reading their campaign platform on my favorite non-profit website for Presidential campaigns & elections: ProCon.org Here they are:

    Beto O’Rourke
    Gov. Jay Inslee
    Sen. Bernie Sanders
    Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand
    Former Gov. John Hickenlooper

    O’Rourke and Sanders I already have a good grasp of their positions and visions and I like both. The others I’ve somewhat kept up with. But I don’t get serious about the Presidential (and related offices) campaign until all party’s candidates are nominated — just don’t care to waste my valuable time on candidates who may not even be in the running later. 😄

    Who will win the Democratic nomination? No clue. With 18 candidates (possibly/probably more?) right now there are “likely winners” and “less likely” winners. Does Las Vegas run odds on candidates? 😉 😛

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      • You are most welcome SR. It simply offers both sides — of all important national issues — as unbiased as possible. THAT is what I really like about it! I think it is one of the most highly rated websites for politics that MediaBiasFactCheck.com, PolitiFact.com, FastCheck.org, and a few other news/media fact-checker institutions rate as one of the best info-only websites for Presidential campaigns. I’ve been using ProCon.org for the last 4-5 Presidential elections and no longer pay ANY attention to any of the political rallies or debates. ProCon.org has (in my opinion) all one needs to know, really. 🙂 Helps hedge against all the useless rhetoric and hyper-emotional propaganda that has infected our modern elections and apparent GULLIBLE U.S. voters. 😦

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  11. I cannot say much, as a Canadian. But I do hope the Democrats can find one person to rally around without a mud-slinging campaign just to select that one candidate. Be careful of the seeds you sow–keep it friendly and respectful. Choose wisely. Someone with proven abilities, but yet with the vision to see outside the boxes, and the courage to fight for those visions. Who this might be I have no udea, but find him or her, and give them total support. Make it be known you are proud to work for them, and they for you. First and foremost, SHOW A UNITED FRONT.

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  12. Hello nan. My prefered candidates would be Warren / Buttigieg . I love the platforms, Ideas, and policies of Warren. I also a younger person such as Buttigieg or Harris would be a good complement to Warren. Well a boy can dream, can’t I? Hugs

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