Just Curious

Readers are (obviously) under no obligation to answer any of the following questions, but I hope you’ll be willing to share. 🤞🙂

If you were once a believer but are now a non-believer/atheist/agnostic/deist — what denomination did you leave? Pentecostal? Catholic? Lutheran? Baptist? …… ??

What was the FIRST inclination you had that things were not as they seemed? I realize that once you leave religion, you discover many things that were “off,” but if you can remember, what was that one thing that triggered your move in the “other” direction?

Is there anything you miss about being a believer? Perhaps the regular get-togethers with people of like-mind? Singing in the choir? Getting up early on Sunday morning? 😖

Is there ANY event/circumstance/happening that might cause you to return (or consider returning) to your faith?

And finally, for those who are “closet atheists” (and are using a pseudonym!), do you have any suggestions or advice for others in your position? What would it take for you to reveal your true feelings?

Thanks for taking part in my just-for-fun survey. 🙂