A Frustrating Encounter

Yesterday we had a salesperson come to our door. What he was selling is irrelevant. The impetus for this post is what he included in his sales pitch. Here’s what happened …

The guy started out the same as any salesperson does — asking questions to see if there might be interest in his product. Based on our answers (which were positive), he began his sales pitch. Since there were several things in the package he was offering, this took a fair amount of time.

Having been in sales myself several ages back, I judged him as a fairly talented salesperson. He seemed to provide relevant information, asked the right questions, and had good (practiced) responses to our concerns. (We did end up making the purchase, BTW.)

So why am I writing this post? Well, as the conversation began winding down and we had pretty much indicated we were going to go forward, he began inserting bible scripture and Christian phrases into his closing.

I wanted so very badly to react and express my own position, but my other half isn’t as outspoken as I am so I swallowed down my comments.

I’m sure we’re all aware of the “rules” related to free speech so technically, this person had every right to express his religious leanings. But the thing that burns me is why, in the course of a business transaction, do people feel the need to insert their Christian beliefs? I can accept (although I don’t like it) that it’s part of the rhetoric when people come to your door peddling their faith, but …

This was a business transaction!

So I suppose you’re wondering why I’m writing a post about this incident. I guess it’s because, as I mentioned, I didn’t get to “reject” this person’s “preaching” like I wanted to — and I needed to get the resulting frustration out of my system.

I appreciate you bearing with me. And if you have had similar experiences you would like to share … feel free.