It’s Not Just The Mask

Consider the following scenarios that were recently printed in our local newspaper related to the spread of COVID-19:

  1. Going to work when sick.
  2. Not wearing face masks or not wearing them correctly.
  3. Traveling to COVID-19 hot spots and bringing back the virus.
  4. Sending children to school sick.
  5. Attending large holiday parties where unmasked people engage in close contact activities like dancing, singing, and sharing food.
  6. Gathering for in-person birthday parties with guests from other households.
  7. Attending large prayer group sessions without following social distancing and masking guidelines.
  8. Visiting grocery stores or other areas without practicing social distancing and wearing masks.
  9. Joining poker games where people sit too close to each other.
  10. Huddling too close together at bars to watch football games.

These are clear examples of how this virus continues to spread.

Recently, we considered ordering a to-go dinner from a local restaurant, but decided against it when we considered point #1. How many food handlers are working because they need the money, yet they know they are experiencing symptoms? Or how many cooks temporarily remove their masks because they’re uncomfortable to wear in a hot kitchen?

And how many of us have seen individuals wearing masks that covered only their mouth (#2)?

And those get-togethers (#5, #6, #7, #9)? Uncomfortable as it may be, we simply must take precautions — even when it’s family, church members, and/or close friends.

And game-watching at a bar? IMO, bars should never have been opened. Who’s going to take precautions after a few drinks?

Yes, we’re ALL getting virus-weary. But the only way we’re going to conquer this enemy is by stopping its spread.

Please. Do your part.

21 thoughts on “It’s Not Just The Mask

  1. I’m not a doctor, but I think we’re going to find out that the primary means of infection is breathing a quantity of virus-laden air. The contact tracing I’ve seen seems to indicate this chain of personal interaction is far more prevalent than very few infections caused by physical contact of stuff that has the virus… and it also seems to indicate that contact spread – say, using the same handle on disinfectant – requires a fairly heavy and repeated dose. Just spitballing here… so keep washing hands! But the masks – and the problem of social gathering depending on minimizing aerosol concentration – I think will gain importance as the data is slowly accumulated.

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    • This list was put together by our local COVID-19 team based on what they’ve discovered when questioning individuals who test positive.

      However, for the most part, I agree with you — it’s the “virus-laden air” that’s doing the damage. The “get-togethers” mentioned play a role primarily because they’re activities where masks are not being worn.

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    • But I want to go to church and sing God’s praises, yet I am being prevented by Orwellian governement tyranny that is yet another example of Christian persecution and the erosion of my basic himan rights.

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  2. Which is why I continue to question the whole “shut the entire economy down” theme. Especially because it is not as rational or even logical as our “leaders and scientists” claim.

    Which is more likely to spready COVID-a Great Clips with one or two customers per store, masked attendants, and the heavy-laden smell of disinfectant in the air, or an Amazon Fulfillment Center with hundreds of employees doing hard physical labor…and we all know how much concern Jeff Bezos has about his distribution production units….errr…wokforce. Yet the latter is “essential”. I know, I know, the American chattering classes CHOOSE to live in low density exurban areas where the only shopping is online, but essential?

    Or how about the local flower shop? Again…limited customers inside. Versus the “essential” Home Depot (which also sells flowers) with hundreds of employees and customers. Yet who gets shut down hard by our “lockdown” policies?

    The anti mask protestors are dangerously silly. But to pretend our “scientists” have logical and rational and FAIR responses is also questionable.

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  3. I am sick to the death of hearing people say that a mask mandate infringes on their civil liberties. I suppose death is preferable??? If the so-called leader of this nation had stepped up to the plate on day #1 and informed people just how deadly this virus is, encouraged reasonable precautions, and followed through with valid scientific information, instead of throwing temper tantrums and calling it a hoax, I think people would be a lot more willing to adhere to the necessary precautions. Sadly, he is now responsible for 250,000 deaths … a quarter of a million people have died because … because we had no leader. Bah Humbug.

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  4. I believe there is something missing from your list, and no one is talking about it anymore. How long are people contagious for AFTER the coronavirus symptoms have subsided? Most virus-spread diseases do not disappear immediately the person thinks they are better. Early on the talk was quarantine even after you feel better for at least three days, preferably a week to be on the safe side. That talk has disappeared from the experts’ conversation.
    The economy is more important, go to work even when you are sick, if your symptoms are mild. How crazy can we get? What part of virology 101 is everyone missing?
    Worst of all, why is no one studying this? They study how it spreads, they study the easiest ways to catch it–close air contact–but they are not telling us how long the virus stays with us once we have it! Is the economy more important than staying safe?
    I am seriously glad I am a senior living in a private home. I cannot protect myself perfectly, but I and my spouse certainly limit how close we come in contact with others. We wear our masks, we social distance, and we only go out when necessary.
    Next week is scary for us, we have to go into the supercity for medical procedures. That city is breaking records everyday for new Covid cases. We wish we could stay home, but we have been on the waiting lists since 2019, what with the slowing down of non-emergency procedures. If we pass up our appointments we go to the bottom of an ever-growing list. That could take us into 2022. We have decided to cautiously take our chances, but we wish the system wasn’t so unforgiving.
    Normally the procedures are not deadly. This year, who knows…

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  5. Covid? What’s that? OH, WAIT!!! You mean that fake news crap about some “Chinese” virus the Dems were spreading around before Trump won this last election? HA!! That lie sure didn’t help ’em, eh. Trump won anyway, and not one person got sick! HA!! Silly libs! Thank Christ no one listened to that crap.

    *The following message was brought to you by “Alternative Facts Are Real Facts,” a Donald Trump company that relies entirely on donations from the poor idiots who worship him to fund it.*


  6. Nan, here is a note I sent in to my newspaper this week. Keith

    “While the promise of a vaccine being available to many in the spring is good news, the rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths is troubling. Hearing the term “mobile mortuaries” is alarming by itself. Seeing folks still without masks and not socially distancing is disturbing, especially with family in retail and restaurants. As my Air Force veteran brother-in-law wrote, “it is not like we are being asked to storm the beaches at Normandy; please wear a mask and socially distance.” It truly is the least we could do to help others.”

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  7. From an article in the Washington Post:

    When Mikayla Bishop began walking down the aisle in October, the bride immediately noticed that even though she had provided masks, almost no one was wearing one.

    “I’m walking down the aisle,” she told WLWT this week. “We can’t do anything now.”

    Now, more than two weeks later, she said, 32 of the 83 guests at her Cincinnati-area wedding have tested positive for the coronavirus, including three of the couples’ grandparents. Bishop and her husband, Anthony, also contracted the virus, she told the TV station.


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