Could He? Would He?

This video is dated at the end of September, but it certainly has a (scary) prophetic ring to it. The brief clip (@ 3.03) where Trump makes reference to “Congress” indicates he actually has a clue about what Fareed is presenting in the video.

What do you think? Is this what Trump has been working on during his absence/silence?

10 thoughts on “Could He? Would He?

  1. Oh geez! That’s terrible. I hope that’s not what he’s up to but given his track record, the only thing preventing him from trying is the incompetency within his inner circle. Damn! One day I feel like I can relax a bit, the next day another punch in the gut. Yet another reason to get rid of the electoral college. It is at least good to know that there are brilliant watchdogs like Zakaria working on our side.

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  2. Yes, it is scary.

    Trump might have been planning this. But I don’t think it will work. American traditions of accepting the election results are too strong, and I think some Republicans are beginning to recognize that.

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  3. I first hesistated, but then read the advice just above. I’m not shy, and I’ll tell you what I think. Frankly speaking, I’m unable to follow all the numbers of this video but I feel this take is sound reasoning. Of course, I don’t live in the U.s. so I don’t have enough local knowledge in general, neither do I know Fareed Zakaria. But I understand his opinion enough to be impressed, even if only by the two terms, “vague constitutional process” and “ferocious partisanship” in his final sentence.

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    • Nice to “see” you, Federico! And I appreciate your comment … especially since you’re unfamiliar with Fareed. Take my word for it, he’s an excellent commentator.

      Although things seem to be moving forward for Biden, Trump definitely doesn’t want to move on so things could get hairy. Many believe it will all work out for the best in the long run, but personally, I don’t think we should get too confident.

      Be thankful you live elsewhere! Take care and be safe!!

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  4. Sigh. Not this again. No, they absolutely could not steal the election this way. The laws in all fifty states require that electors be chosen by the popular vote. Legislatures could have changed those laws before the election (though some of these states have Democratic governors which would have vetoed the change), but they didn’t, and they can’t retroactively change things now. Trump probably thought such a thing would be possible at the time he was filmed speaking in that clip, but he’s talked about all kinds of things, like going directly to the Supreme Court or postponing the election by his personal order, which he cannot actually do. He doesn’t have the foggiest idea how the system works and has never bothered to learn. He’s not a master political strategist, he’s an impulsive idiot who has systematically insulted and alienated everybody whose help he would need to cling to power outside actually winning the election.

    The political analysis blog Electoral-Vote has addressed and debunked this specific scenario several times over the last couple of months. I can’t be arsed to dig up their old posts about it, but today they addressed several election-stealing scenarios here.

    If the Republicans tried anything like this it would be the end of them in all but the reddest states, and they know it. State legislators who so flagrantly trashed the will of the people would be swept away without mercy in the next election. It might even lead to the break-up of the country since blue states would have no reason to recognize a regime imposed by openly and explicitly abandoning democracy. More to the point, no, it actually can’t legally be done at this point.

    More and more Republicans are explicitly recognizing Biden as president-elect. Those who haven’t openly done so are humoring Trump’s ignorant herds of supporters and desperately trying to avoid having him completely melt down and turn against the party ahead of the Georgia runoffs. Trump himself is talking about running again in 2024, which shows he’s starting to accept that the jig is up as far as this election is concerned.

    As if we hadn’t suffered enough stress over the last four years, some Democrats now seem to be obsessing over nightmarish doomsday scenarios which have no chance of actually materializing, just so we have something else to fret about. We have to learn to take yes for an answer. We won. It’s over. He’s still president until January 20, but that’s all.

    Keep your mind on Georgia and the runoffs. That’s what’s real. That’s what matters.

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    • I wish there was a button other than ‘Like’ to express wholehearted agreement, something similar to “This is what I wanted to say but you said it so much better than I!” That’s the button I would push for your comment here, Infidel. Oh, and I also LIKE the length because it explains the comment and directs us to what is actually important here: the Georgia runoffs. Getting out the Trump base for this race is the ONLY reason why the national Republican committee hasn’t recognized Biden as the indisputable winner: to remain the Party of No and control a Biden presidency, the Republicans have to hold a majority in the Senate and these runoffs are the key to that.

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    • Hi, Infidel. I hadn’t seen your response when I entered mine below. I suspect, since trump won’t concede, though he’s worn out all the lawyers, there will still be nonsense til Jan 20–and then beyond—in an effort to undercut Biden’s legitimacy.

      Today’s creepiness is Newt Gingrich claiming Gorge Soros stole the election, which he-still-clinging-to-the-Oval-Office, perhaps forgetting he has Jewish grandchildren, saw fit to retweet.

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  5. He would if he could—he’ll push as far as he can. But slowly, the spineless Republicans are making their feelings known—and state legislators in PA, for example, have already said they won’t overturn the voters’ will.

    I’ll acknowledge I didn’t watch the entire video bc I’ve heard these proposed scenarios so many times. I think they scare people needlessly, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr will be sworn on January 20, 2021 as our 46th President. Period.

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  6. I would not like to speculate on what Trump will do next. He has shown to be unpredictable and I guess that is part of his “charm” to the conservative mind, that fears the change. He is a loose cannon, but they bind to him, because he is their loose cannon.

    As for the term “banana republic”, it is a degratory term used much in the USA, while hardly ever really pointing at any specific other country. What is a “banana republic”? Is it a country like no western industrialized country (exept for one) that has no public health care? Is it a country where political leadership is held by a couple of dynastic families? Is it a country that spends most of it’s revenue to military budget? Is a banana republic a country, that has the resemblance of a democratic process, but where the person who did not have most of the votes still may become the president? Is it a country where a leading political party may manipulate voting by limiting the chances of particular voters (especially the poor) from voting? Or, is it just a country that has it’s political life and economics being totally corrupted by the big stick policy of the USA?

    To me the point about republicans having several presidents despite having actually lost the popular national vote is the most alarming idea presented on the video. That it makes democracy non-existant. Why has not the USA changed to a electoral system where the national popular vote is directly counted and no electors are even needed?The technology for such a system has been awailable for several decades. The state electors made perfect sense during the 18th century, but the times have changed since then. Your military does not rely on muskets any more, why would your elections be based on antiquated means?

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