The Afterward

One last post (I hope) on Trump and the election. This is from Quora.


Mary Trump says her uncle is going to “burn it all down” because he can’t face losing the election and deal with criminal charges. She says; “If he’s going down, he’s going to take us all down with him.” What are your thoughts?

Response by Greg Hackney:

I’m sorry, and deeply upset, to have to tell you that I believe every single word Mary Trump has said. trump will lose next Tuesday, and will have three months to do as much damage as possible out of sheer spite because he lost. After Joe Biden is sworn in as our new President, he’s going to face a huge problem trying to undo all of trump’s national vandalism. Once he’s gone from the White House, I can certainly see trump saying “Serves you right America, if you had reelected me, you wouldn’t have all these horrible problems to deal with now.” And then trump will blame Joe Biden for all the destruction trump himself will have generated. It’s what he does. 

Photo by Anna Vedischeva from Pexels