Me and Politics

For most of my life, I have cared next to nothing about politics. In fact, my outlook towards the subject was pretty much what the image shows.

Oh, I had a vague idea of what was going on, but I was much more interested in the activities of my personal life than I was in “politics.”

The first time I took any interest at all was in 2008 when McCain and Obama were running. I disliked McCain, but that nincompoop he had selected for a running mate was, for me, simply over-the-top. (See this post.)

Of course I was very thankful that Obama ended up winning, but once he was in office, I paid little to no attention to his actions; in fact, people have written about some of his less-than-favorable activities and I was clueless. Perhaps that’s not a “good thing,” but that was where I was at the time.

Although my interest level today has changed considerably, it’s my opinion that there are untold numbers of people who are just like I was — totally uninterested (or only vaguely interested) in what’s going on in the “political world.”

And it is these people that I believe base their votes on political party. Period. They pay no attention (or very little) to the various and sundry “opinions” being addressed on the numerous political communication outlets (including political blogs). Nor do they care what friends and/or family think. They vote party lines. Always.

Let me be clear. This is not to say this “disinterest” is a good thing. But sometimes I think we need to accept that this is simply where some people are. It’s where I was for many, many years …