Brain Fog


Just came across an article that talks about the “Brain Fog” that some COVID-19 survivors experience.

One individual said he lost all memory of a 12-day vacation trip, even though he had taken the trip just a few weeks earlier.

Another person reported that several weeks after recovering from Covid-19 symptoms of nausea and cough, she became confused and forgetful to the point she couldn’t even recognize her own car.

It’s becoming known as Covid brain fog: troubling cognitive symptoms that can include memory loss, confusion, difficulty focusing, dizziness and grasping for everyday words.

As I read this, I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone would even notice anything different if Covid Brain Fog were to affect our (self-reported) “Covid-Free” president.

15 thoughts on “Brain Fog

  1. I’m becoming more convinced that the President is truthfully Covid-Free because he lied about having it in the first place so he could stage his remarkable recovery. Which is not to say that his reckless stupidity has prevented him contracting it since then.

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    • I think others would agree with you. However, I tend to think he really did contract the virus. There’s been some physical signs that I feel tend to confirm this. Of course, within this administration, factual information is hard to come by so we’ll probably never know for an absolute certainty.

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        • I would say Trump was in a hurry to get up to the balcony and being overweight and totally unfit his gasping for breath is the result I would expect. I tend to believe he was lying about having the virus, maybe he just had a bout of flu and those symptoms for such a person of his age and condition could result in him having to be put onto oxygen.

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  2. Maybe more likely he just had a mild case, but they threw everything at him including those steroids he is jacked up on. On second thought…he is just mean and nuts

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  3. Covid-19 is known to cause permanent damage to various organs. Evidently the brain is among them. Yet another reason to avoid this thing like — well, like the plague.

    Trump’s increasingly bizarre behavior since being infected is consistent with known side effects of the steroid he was given, so as yet there’s no clear evidence of brain damage. Not every victim gets every known effect, and he may have a relatively mild case. On the other hand, the disease sometimes takes weeks or even months to run its course. He’s not out of the woods yet.

    It’s really no longer plausible to claim that Trump was lying about having covid-19. That would require far too many people, including many doctors, to be knowingly participating in the deception — with no one blowing the whistle on it, even anonymously. Not credible. And given Trump’s habits and the habits of people around him, it’s actually astonishing that he escaped being infected as long as he did.

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    • But he could be suffering from “brain fog” without actually having brain damage. Thing is — how would we know since the symptoms listed are part and parcel of the way he acts anyway.

      I agree that he’s not yet out of the woods. The fact that he cut short his recent White House appearance indicates he’s tiring much faster. It will be interesting to see how he does at the upcoming rallies.

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  4. I was just thinking the same thing: if he lost more of his cognitive ability, who would know? Who could tell?

    on the cynical side, however, it was a perfect chance for him to play sick, and get out of another dreadful debate session. That right there makes me wonder. I don’t know. He’s such a mash up to start with, I don’t think anyone really does know what he has, when he did or didn’t get it, and what day it is.

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  5. I was actually experiencing brain fog last week. I was getting worried. 😦 Although I also did 200 miles on my bicycle, including 100 miles at altitude with serious climbing, so probably not COVID. Sitll…

    Then an oblivious driver careened into the cross street I was bicycling down, hit a pickup truck which spun 360 degrees around and hit me, knocking me off the bike! My wrist and shoulder and, especially, the knee, ache badly, and the bike needs repairs. But you know what, the brain fog is completely gone! And I did not hit my head at all!


    • Bummer, Brian! Those oblivious drivers are a bicyclist’s nightmare! At least you didn’t hit your head and experience another type of brain fog …

      Here’s hoping you mend fast and the bike repairs aren’t too expensive.

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