Donald Trump: Stable Genius

I know I tend to post a lot of articles and quotes rather than “original” thoughts, but sometimes other people just say things SO MUCH BETTER than I ever could.

The following is one of those times.

The question below was asked by Thomas Bowler on QUORA — and replied to by Michael Campbell.

Donald Trump is always boasting he has such a high IQ. How can we get him to prove it?

He proves his smarts every day. His high IQ comes blasting through every time he tweets his genius thoughts.

The Top Ten Things Which Prove That Donald Trump is a Stable Genius

10.) Only he knows that the “sound of Wind Turbines causes cancer.”

9.) He makes speeches that nobody can understand, so he must be speaking at a level far above the average person. Much of what he says can only be heard by people who can hear “Dog Whistles”.

8.) He knows big words like “covfefe”, which most people have no idea what it means.

7.) Only he is smart enough to read between the lines of The Mueller Report and see that he is “TOTALLY and COMPLETELY EXONERATED!”, right after the passage where it says “Accordingly, while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

6.) Only Trump knows that, “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.” Tweeted by him on 11/6/2012.

5.) He got all perfect grades in all the schools he attended, which he sued to keep private, so as not to embarrass all the regular, stupid people who voted for him.

4.) Who else knew about the capture of all the airports during the Revolutionary War?

3.) The fact that he won’t release his tax returns lends credence to the fact that he is a genius at not paying taxes.

2.) The fact that dozens of people who surround him daily, say that he doesn’t read anything, proves that he already must know everything.

1.) He has all the degrees possible from Trump University.

The Next Top Ten Things Which Demonstrate that Donald Trump is a Stable Genius

10.) Only he is smart enough to change the path of a hurricane with a Sharpie.

9.) Only he knows that DOJ actually stands for “Donnie’s Own Judicial” system
and Bill Barr is his personal lawyer.

8.) His genius has determined that Senate acquittal means he was never really

7.) Only he is smart enough to know that the Corona virus is just a fad and will be
gone when the weather warms up.

6.) Trump is smart enough to know that everyone else is just plain stupid,
especially the ones he hires and eventually fires for all his cabinet posts and

5.) Foregoing his $400,000 Presidential salary while he bills the government for
$140 million in golf expenses at his resorts is pure genius.

4.) It was a genius move to give The Presidential Medal of Freedom to Rush
Limbaugh at the State of the Union address. Nobody could possibly disagree
with that, right?

3.) Firing Gordon Sondland as EU Ambassador and keeping his $1 Million campaign donation was brilliant.

2.) Using the National Prayer Breakfast to swear revenge on his impeachment
enemies was something only “The Chosen One” would be smart enough to do.

1.) He is brilliant enough to divert $3.8 Billion from Congressionally allocated
military spending to fund his wall, which Mexico was supposed to pay for.

Image by succo from Pixabay

17 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Stable Genius

  1. This is fabulous! I sure could not have said it better and there are some brilliant posts and comments out there on all sorts of social media.

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  2. All you really need is a good look at his hairstyle. That alone told me he wasn’t a very stable genius with great and unmatched wisdom.

    He certainly isn’t presidential.

    He looks like a cheap carnival barker at the county fair.

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  3. I was just reading through a Twitter feed initiated by Tom Nichols, author of The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why It Matters. It’s a good companion piece to this clever one. He asked: “One thing that genuinely does mystify me, with no snark: Trump is one of the least masculine, least adult people in public life. Needy, whiny, defensive, pleading, scared of women, terrified of more powerful men. I am at a loss about why his base sees him as manly or strong.”

    Lots of people offered suggestions. I, like Nichols, am at a loss to understand.

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  4. It is the sad state of humanity, that we are all good at something and then not so good at other things. Donald sure is good at getting the votes of ignorant and scared people who are fed up with how the world treats them and how it changes around them.

    Coming from one of the most elite families and having had a career in wich he has presented his elitism and membership in all the imaginary social elites in the US he has been tremedously inspired in campaigning against the “elite” and getting the votes of people who (more or less rightly so) feel that they have been screwed by the elite.

    Donald is the perfect product of his culture. A competetive culture, in wich a person is chosen to a position of responsibility, not by their ability to show responsibility, but by showing their skill at competing for the postion. He is the embodiment of the phrase: “Fake it till you make it. ” Wich is a US cultural notion, that is hard to understand for some of us limited by not coming from that culture. Perhaps someday a US born and culturally adept person can explain it to me, but for now it just seems, it is a very poor method of choosing leaders.

    Donald sits perfectly into the US tradition of political and capitalistic nepotism. His social position he owes to his dad, without whose money Donald could propably never have succeeded in US politics. Without the money of his family, he propably would not have been exempted from service in Vietnam and he might have been killed there. He was not. Somebody else was sent in his place. He has been sharing his poltical power to his daughter and son–in-law over any possible experts, but he is not by far the first man to do something like this. The US political system bears long traditions in nepotism, from Adams, to Bush families and even Donald’s previous close friends in the elite, the Clintons. It is a culture, that among some other things makes the leading western economy look like a third world country, or a down right banana republic. A sytem that favours the rich and the corporations over the common citizens despite long democratic tradition and creates an anti-elite sentiment, wich can then be utilized by populists, such as Trump. He is a genius in running his own culture’s weaknesses to benefit himself, but not his voters or the most of us on this one planet we all share.

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    • You wrote: His social position he owes to his dad, without whose money Donald could propably (sic) never have succeeded in US politics. I would alter that statement just a bit and end it at “never would have succeeded.”

      Trump is good at one thing and one thing only … self-promotion. And since he has no morals, he’ll do and say whatever it takes to ensure the attention is on him.

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      • Thanks for that correction. Yes, I agree, that he is only good at that, but he is very, very good at it. The trouble is not about him being bad at anything else, or even about him being good at self promotion, but that the culture is such, that him being good at marketing himself makes it possible and produces the result in wich he holds so much power.

        How could such a culture be remedied? How has the culture made his voters woulnerable to such ridiculous harm, that they actually came to the conclusion, it would be a good idea to vote such a clumsy, incapable and ignorant idiot like him to weild so much power? What could be done to help them, not to step into the same pitfall again?

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        • You ask good questions but unfortunately, unanswerable ones.

          The way I see it is there is a segment of people on this planet who, for whatever reason, delight in finding fault with others. Trump is one of them … and since he’s in a position of power, he’s able to reinforce these feelings. We’ve all seen–and suffered–the results.

          Even after Trump is replaced (the sooner the better!), these people will still exist and most likely will attack the next person in power. Unfortunately, it seems to be the nature of the beast.

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        • Yes, I agree with you about the results of having such a man in such power.

          However, in my view, the problem is not the one man. There are nincompoops, much like him, around the globe being put to positions of power. Some are exactly like him and some are more clever than him, but also more disasterous, even if they do not weild equal amount of power. Look at Bolzonaro in Brazil, Duterte in Philippines, or Orban in Hungary, just to name a few.

          I do not see these questions as unaswerable. If I did, I propably would give up on humanity. Cultures change all the time and sometimes for the better, while at the same time also for the worse. For example competitiveness is a cultural trait that has been growing all along the modern ages. It is not some natural state of man to compete all the time and about everything. It is a fascist notion, that we are in some evolutionary, or otherwise natural state of constant competition. An excuse to fullfill a desire that causes obvious harm to others and sometimes to ourselves. Almost everybody knows, that co-operation gives better results than competition, but at the same time competition is brought forth as a universal solution to any problem the society may face. Why do we accept this?

          For example the medieval European culture hardly knew competitivenes as a universal human trait. It was something only a fragment of the society, albeit the leading elements, were encouraged and engaged in. Even in that limited form it caused terrible havoc.The medieval Europe was a terrible place to live in by many modern standards, but I brought it up as an example about how a culture and attitudes towards such things can change.

          We are not equally intellectual, and propably can never be, because we are individuals. Yet, it is clear, that the worst leaders are often chosen by nations because of the worst reasons. Reasons, that only seem reasonable to the ignorant, or the uneducated, or the culturally indoctrinated. People are not divided into good or bad people, but to those who make good choises and those who make bad choises. The answer must be to educate more people better. This does not help us now with Donald, but it could save the world later on.

          Donald is simply too stupid to even understand how stupid he is, and it seems to me he has made it a career and a purpose in life to hide his stupidity, just so he would not feel he has lost any competitions.

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