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In South Korea, Success Fighting the Virus Brings Success at the Ballot Box

In an early demonstration of how a government’s response to an epidemic can alter the political landscape, South Korea’s ruling, center-left Democratic Party scored a landslide victory in legislative elections Wednesday, largely on the strength of its success in tackling COVID-19.


“Moon has shown steady leadership, trying to remain above the fray of partisanship and scandal while emphasizing a science-based, collective response to the pandemic. He has also represented South Korea on the international stage as a positive example of policy planning, implementation and cooperation.”


Moon has ceded much of the public limelight to Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Jung Eun-kyeong, an infectious diseases expert who, speaking to reporters in a yellow jumpsuit, has become the public face of South Korea’s battle against COVID-19.

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The contrast is notable. As are the results.