Baptism By Fire

Does ANYONE think our Fearless Orange Leader will follow these suggestions?

Trump is Off to a Rough Start — Here’s What Can Make His Job Easier

Love the opening line:

Donald Trump campaigned for the presidency as a billionaire businessman who would bring private-sector expertise to Washington. But as he quickly discovered, it is much harder running the federal government than a family enterprise.

P.S. Will you be watching (or did you watch) tRump’s address to joint session of Congress? Thoughts?


18 thoughts on “Baptism By Fire

  1. Not a chance. He’s too busy tweeting his butthurt about the latest SNL sketch. And I don’t have a sense that he’s interested in listening to anybody that actually knows what they are talking about. Twitler only wants people around him that will agree with him all the time.

    Not watching the address. Can’t bear to look at that smug orange face.

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    • I’ve said all along that he’ll NEVER pay attention to anyone’s advice. He figures since he made big money in the private sector, he can do ANYTHING. What’s so very sad about this is his supporters believed his visions of grandeur and that’s why he’s sitting in the Oval Office today.

      And what adds to his incompetence is the wussy Repugs who nod their heads and pat him on the back every chance they get.

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  2. Trump’s sons work for their Trump company but they now get the White House security which we pay for where they were in South America it cost us nineteen thousand dollars for their security when they have enough money to pay for their own

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  3. A very good Washington Post article. All five points were good; the last two excellent! There’s a HUGE difference between talking-a-walk and walking-a-walk-you-talk. Our nation’s greatest Presidents — the one’s that knew all types of Americans because in some form or fashion they’d lived it, gone through it as they had/are — not only could LEAD the country and COLLABORATE with or manipulate Congress appropriately, but could relate and empathize with all Americans! What does tRump do best???

    Over 1-month later he is trying to run the federal government like a private-sector corporation! Just the fact that this assessment is being described this way is indicative of two things:

    1) Well DUH! tRump never had any state/federal governing experience IN THE FIRST PLACE, you idiot Rump-supporters!

    2) Despite the Electoral Vote putting tRump in office, VOTERS still played their parts getting the Electoral College to put him in office! In the end, the (uneducated, unreasonable?) registered voters/supporters are responsible for tRump getting in the White House.

    No. I will not be listening to anything more that mediocre (at best) Jerry Springer-ish pandering TV-celebrity has to say to the nation, and certainly not his address to the joint session of Congress.

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  4. I’ma guffaw at those suggestions. If pigs could fly, they’d be birds. Or butterflies.

    Anyone who keeps giving our Destroyer-in-Chief useful suggestions in hopes that he’ll follow, or even hear them, has not been paying attention.

    I”ll be watching. Getting my caramels with walnuts (and black tea) ready. It’s gonna be great, believe me.


  5. 10 minutes in. So sweetly Hitlerian already, what with the declarations of national pride and fear-mongering in progress. But he should have practiced it a bit more, because he cannot quite read it with proper inflection.


  6. Interestingly I heard a strategic thinker suggest that there is a danger in the huge focus on President Trump at present that a sort of fatigue will develop that will mean people will tune out. This thinker (I can’t recall the person’s name), suggested that a bit more selectivity in the criticism of Trump might work better in the long run.

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  7. Well, I sorta’ watched tRump’s speech last night. I say “sorta'” because during part of it my other-half and I got into a shouting (mostly him) match about the Sir Cheeto. You see, while he detests the man himself, he has been taken in by the rhetoric (along with so many others) and believes our new “Leader” is going to “shake things up” — primarily because he’s not a politician and wants to put “America First”(sound familiar?). Anything I point out that contradicts this formed opinion is usually met with accusations of my “Liberal” bent (a bad, bad word).

    Anyway, what I did watch I must admit the guy actually came across as POTUS (probably because he followed the script). Of course his message, as so many others in the past, was geared to his supporters and left several blank spots. But at least he stayed on track and kept his braggadocio nature in check..

    I thought the tribute to the fallen Navy Seal was nice, but overdone. I couldn’t help but feel it was primarily done to put another notch in tRump’s belt. Not that I don’t honor the man’s sacrifice, but based on what I’ve read, his death was unnecessary so it seemed rather “evil” for tRump to do what he did. JMO

    Anyway, that’s my brief take on the whole thing. Yours?

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  8. I watched the speech, and i agree with Nan !! God forbid !! Of course my thoughts on the POTUS is seen through the rose colored eyes of Christ… I don’t believe Trump is a Christian…but I do believe God put him in place to do his best to bring this country together… There are far to many congressmen on BOTH sides of the aisle, who are focused on their own agenda for their own benefit (not for the benefit of the average american…)

    Why would Trump want to be president ?? He is not taking a salary… Who would want to biggest headache job in the world ?? I truly believe Trump wants to “drain the swamp” and cut out the excess government spending…

    I say give the poor man a chance !! Yes he has a thin skin, and uses twitter to jump over the press… But this country need some fiscal repositioning… We just can’t continue the now $19,965,000,000,000 debt (

    Trump has surrounded himself with for the most part conservative people, who want to reign in fiscal spending…

    We need to cut corporate taxes, and allow the over $2 trillion dollars ( to be brought back into this contry, with a guaranteed peccentage to be put to work in rebuilding our infrastructure…

    We need to allow individual states to control how and where they spend money…instead of trying to have big government try to place a “one size fits all” set of regulations…



    • Thank you, Bruce, for stopping by and offering your feedback. Of course, I disagree with most of it, but that’s OK. We each have our own perspective on what makes the world go ’round.

      tRump painted a pretty picture of America during the campaign — problem is, many of the things he talked about would put this country in dire straits.

      My biggest complaint with him is he has absolutely NO CLUE on how to run a country the size of the U.S. and he refuses to allow others who have FAR more experience to guide him. Instead, he relies on his own “business” knowledge and puts individuals who are no more qualified than he is in his cabinet. “Draining the Swamp” is one thing, but you don’t then turn around and try to walk through it barefoot.

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