This Blog and tRump


I apologize to my blog followers that I’m saturating my posts with my dislike and concerns … even my fears … related to this man-child who has “taken over” the nation I call my home. But to maintain my mental (and physical) health, I must occasionally vent my anxieties and this blog is my only source of outlet.

Having said that …

The complete inexperience of tRump (along with his “hand-picked” millionaire/billionaire cabinet) in running this country is becoming more and more clear as each day passes.

A person in a power position such as POTUS dictates that you simply do not nonchalantly place your signature on a piece of paper without giving extensive consideration to the ramifications of your decision. Under normal conditions, you would consult others who are more learned than you before you acted. But as we all know, this particular Leader has relegated those with experience in such matters to lesser positions and is depending on his “friends” to guide him.

Further, the speed in which he’s issuing these “Executive Orders” is just one more sign that he’s so enamored with his new position that he simply can’t wait to show everyone “who’s the boss” (and who won the election).

His hard-nose approach to the so-totally-obvious ramifications of his recent decision related to immigration is a perfect example. His NEED to demonstrate his authority takes precedence over whatever impact this ruling has upon people’s lives.

We can be assured that as long as this man remains in office, he is going to dig in his heels and do exactly what HE wants … the nation be damned!

As a sidenote — something I’ve discerned in discussions with others about this joke of a leader is that unless something he does affects them personally, they have a repertoire of reasons why we should all just “wait and see.” The satisfying part of this is that one day one of his actions will negatively affect them and/or their families. And then what will be their response?

I will try very hard not to say “I told you so.”


I’m The Boss So Get Over It!

The following statement sums up exactly what’s going on in this administration (from It’s referencing the recent Executive Order related to the refugee ban, but it can easily be broadened to include any action tRump has taken … or will take.

The developments underscore the haphazard approach the Trump administration has taken toward using its political power. Trump issued the order Friday with little notice to or input from the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department or other agencies critical to implementing it, according to multiple sources. (Emphasis mine)

He’s used to running the show and by gum, he’s not going to stop now! And since he’s hired a bunch of flunkies who are more than eager to kiss his ___, any kickback will most likely be non-existent.

(Only 9 days in and I’m already sick to my stomach.)

Herr Trump’s First Major TV Interview

“Millions of people agree with me. They’re very smart people.”

A Washington Post writer discusses the recent self-aggrandizing interview between tRump and ABC’s David Muir. Once again we are made aware of the narcissistic, self-absorbed, deluded person we have leading the United States of America.

In his first major TV interview as president,
Trump is endlessly obsessed with his popularity

You are free to comment, but I have a hunch I already know what most of you are going to say. ❤

National Security: Should We Be Worried?

While tRump concerns himself with the number of people that attended his inauguration, he seems to be ignoring some of the (slightly more important) enduring challenges of national security. I think many of us would feel a bit more reassured if he (instead) shared with us his plans related to:

  • The fight against ISIS
  • Continued tensions with No. Korea
  • China’s growing presence in the South China Sea
  • Unrest in the Ukraine
  • Russian threats against our NATO allies
  • Iran’s ongoing tests of ballistic missiles
  • Instability of Egypt
  • Chaos in Syria
  • Israel/Palestine conflict

One source commented that tRump is inheriting the gravest national security landscape since the end of World War II, and navigating a course through this landscape will demand clear and bold thinking. It will be extremely important for him to not only be able to articulate his goals, but also his tactics on how to achieve them. Plus he will need to present a clear and concise view of the desired end result.

I’m increasingly concerned about the lack of experience of a man who, after being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, makes no mention of his plans related to national security (except a vacuous promise to “eradicate radical Islamic terrorism”) or how he intends to secure our safety.

Instead, as has been true to his nature, he directed his inauguration message to his supporters — reassuring them of his infamous campaign slogan — while the rest of us heard nothing to allay our fears that this man lacks the intelligence, the ability, even the desire to maintain America’s place of respect in the world.

ADDENDUM: Full Text of tRump’s remarks at CIA Headquarters (Unbelieveable!)