You’ve Got to See This!

I don’t watch many videos. I’m more of a reader than a watcher.

But this video? I watched it to the very end! And laughed out loud more than once. John really has tRump pegged.


96 thoughts on “You’ve Got to See This!

  1. Who is this Oliver person who looks like a possum with glasses? He sweats and spits a lot. Just look at the saliva on your screen. He doesn’t know as many words as his thinks he does.

    And what kind of a name is Oliver? Is it Mexican? Jewish? Irish? I don’t know, I’m just asking. It could be anything, you know. He speaks with a heavy accent, so it’s hard to understand him.

    Whatever he is, folks, he is just jealous, because he knows he could never be as yuugely amazing and tremendous as I am. It’s just jealousy, plain and simple. I’m winning and people who have never won anything cannot stand it. He’s also mad because I refused to come on his program when he invited me, like 10 times. Not that I know about it, it is just what my people tell me.


    Yours truly,
    The Donald.

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  2. Well it seems that Super Tuesday may well tell the story. tRump currently seems immune to attacks on his many weaknesses. It is almost as though that because his many weaknesses were already so well known to the public nothing can shock and sway his core supporters. Perhaps in his case the old maxim is true, ‘any publicity is good publicity’.


        • As you know Violet, God gets all the credit and none of the blame. Very much like Trump seems to be.

          I have been listening to Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones as he spends 352 sermons preaching through the Book of Romans. Dr Lloyd-Jones is a doyen of the Calvinist crown like our friend Eliza. It is fascinating listening to him with post faith ears, as all the difficulties in the Christian Doctrine become more and more apparent. Two of the major excuses for ‘God’ that Dr Lloyd-Jones uses when face with the inexplicable is ‘Holy Mystery’ and ‘God’s sovereign choice’.

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          • Interestingly, Peter, the “Romans,” the church at Rome, was not one of the ones that Paul started, and in fact, he never even visited it. In all of his other epistles, he was attempting to right some disagreement within the church, but his letter to the Romans contained nothing but glowing praise. The reason was, that Paul was planning a missionary trip to Spain, and he had hoped to stop off enroute in Rome and was setting the groundwork for asking the Romans to finance and otherwise support his trip.

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          • It’s not just the calvinists…Catholics are huge on “holy mystery” (I suppose all christians have to be). Every question I ever asked couldn’t be answered because it was a divine mystery. How convenient. I was also told I didn’t need to worry about getting proper answers to my questions because god would sort it all out in heaven after I was dead (and why, exactly, couldn’t he do it here on earth while I was alive?). Again, how convenient. *gag*


          • Yes Violet, looking back we see, ‘how convenient’.

            Perhaps they thought it was the Devil who put all though questions in your mind.

            It is a bit like the story of doubting Thomas. How convenient are the words, ‘happy are those who believe without seeing’. How does the argument go, ‘God really cares and wants to provide evidence, as we see with the story of Thomas, however as Jesus is now in heaven he can no longer appear in that way – will his mother do instead?’


        • Violet when I was a little boy going to church I always wondered who this ‘Holy Ghost’ was. It was not until my teens that our liturgy was updated to the ‘Holy Spirit’.

          The term ‘Ghost’ always seemed quite bizarre to my young mind.


  3. Reblogged this on The Recovering Know It All and commented:
    Super Tuesday? Super Trump Day I think. What a farce! I think he’s a ‘plant’ to take attention and votes away from the real Republican/Conservative candidates (regardless of whether they’re good candidates or not either) so that Hillary either wins easily in the General Election or Trump sandbags and gives it away like Romney did last time. Either way, it looks like once again, we get the Candidates we are given and only have the choices THEY tell us we have. Whatever happened to having more than two Major Parties? What a crock of S*#T!! -KIA

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  4. The spectacle that is the R nomination has just been Drumpf-ed.

    I have to wonder how the R’s are feeling right about now? I don’t mean what they are saying in public, but what they are feeling at those idle times alone. How do they really feel about what they have become?

    If they aren’t worried, then they really are as stupid as they look.

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    • That earlier Trump video, from yesteryear, where he said he liked Hillary, and approved the right to choose – clips from it were used last night on TV for a Hillary commercial! I laughed til my sides hurt!

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    • The establishment GOPers and their powerful backers are terrified. They have so taken it for granted that the American sheeple can be bamboozled into following their lead if only they screech about guns, God, and the awesomeness of trickle down economics, that the emergence of Drumpf and his triumphant march to glory makes no sense to them and scares them silly. As it should.

      They are of course not worried about the possible misery that this disturbed man would bring upon the country and the world. Their worry is that he would lose to a Democrat. And should he win, that he would not do their bidding and may commit acts of Democratic agenda (keep abortion legal, keep or expand ACA and Planned Parenthood, and who knows what other, even worse economic and international atrocities that would diminish their influence on the world’s affairs). Not that Drumpf is interested in doing something decent for “the people,” but he may be talked into it if it satisfies his ego.

      The GOP establishment’s major problem with Drumpf is that he is not ideologically pure and cannot be counted on to do as they want him to do. I suspect that given a choice between Hillary and Drumpf, many of the GOP puppet masters — the 1-percenters who finance the party machine — would feel more comfortable backing Hillary, who is a more reliable player in this political game and can be counted on to not upset the applecart too much.

      But they, the right-wingers, are the ones who created this monster through their relentless brainwashing of the American people, whom they also have fleeced out of money, hope, and dignity along the way.

      Serves them right then. Let them deal with it — and deal with it they will have to.

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    • The author of that piece has a rapier wit – I especially liked,
      He strokes his famous flying fuzz-mane. It looks gorgeous, like it’s been recently fed.
      Sanders worries about the poor, while Trump would eat a child in a lifeboat.

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    • From the article: It’s pure camp, a variety show.

      So totally true. He knows just how to stoke the crowd. Who cares what he believes? Who cares that he might start World War III? Who cares that he’s a racist bigot?

      Who cares indeed! Those of us who know schtick when we see it and cringe that this guy might actually win the nomination.

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      • I’d like him to win the nomination, actually.

        Then I’d like to watch him debate either Clinton or Sanders (preferably the latter, but it may not be).

        I’d like the vacuousness of the American “dream” exposed this way. Let the world and maybe even some Americans see how empty it is.

        And then let the chips fall as they may.

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        • In essence, I agree with what you’re saying. But what I fear is the people who support him (and seem to be bringing him to this point) are so caught up in his spell that nothing Clinton (or Sanders … the one I also prefer) have to say will change anything. (You did read the article about why Sanders is the better pick against tRump, yes?)

          I dunno’, Emma. I’m beginning to despair. I’m trying to keep my hopes up, but Super Tuesday is not looking very promising … on either side of the fence.

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          • You are right, there is nothing that Clinton or Sanders can do to break the GOP or Drumpf’s (especially) spell.

            Regular Americans have been led to believe, to the utter astonishment of everyone non-American, that they should identify with the billionaires who rule them. Because their wealth may trickle down on them somehow, or, equally magically, they too will become billionaires some day.

            I find this belief genuinely mind-bending and if I didn’t hear it myself, first-hand -or first-ear rather, I’d think that some America-haters are making this stuff up to malign the USians.

            They have also been brainwashed into believing that socialism and anything even remotely related to it is a bad thing, even though a dose of socialism is what America desperately needs to survive.

            That’s no accident, but a result of decades of carefully cultivated propaganda, and it is not going to turn around this year or any time in the foreseeable future (although that’s also what everyone thought of Communism in Eastern Europe, so who knows).

            So even though Joe Shmoes and everyone else would absolutely be better off under president Sanders, they will not even hear him out because he is “poor,” in comparison with Drumpf at least, and therefore not a good role model or leader for them. (How these people call themselves Christians is beyond me.)

            But don’t despair. This is not the end of the world. I think… (lol?)

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            • Carl Saagan wrote this about religion, but in this instance, it may apply to politics as well:

              “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. it is simply too painful to acknowledge — even to ourselves — that we’ve been so credulous. “
              — Carl Sagan —

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        • This country – maybe even this world – can’t survive a Trump Presidency.

          Did you read where he wants to call his proposed wall between the US and Mexico, “The Trump Wall”? Talk about an egomaniac!

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        • I agree. I’m quite certain Lord Trump will get the nomination. I don’t think he’ll win in November. I don’t think the GOP thinks he can either. The ploy will be to maintain control of the Senate. Hopefully, I’m right. Hopefully.

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  5. Something interesting — and if it actually happens, I would breathe a lot easier.

    Hypothetical general election match-ups, according to a new CNN/ORC Poll.

    Sanders — who enjoys the most positive favorable rating of any presidential candidate in the field, according to the poll — tops all three Republicans by wide margins: 57% to 40% against Cruz, 55% to 43% against Trump, and 53% to 45% against Rubio.


    • That’s still a pretty thin margin, Kerry was pulling ahead of W in leaps and bounds before “Swift Boat came out.


    • It is a pity Matt Santos from West Wing is not available.

      In Bernie Sanders case it seems he will never get the opportunity. The super delegates in the Democratic party seem to overwhelmingly support Clinton (I assume they are the party insiders who don’t want a person like Sanders who would shake things up – if he could get anything through Congress).


  6. Just read this … (linked from Facebook):

    There really is no limit to Donald Trump’s racism. At a rally at the formerly all-white school of Valdosta State University, about 30 black students were removed from the building before the rally even started, because Donald Trump didn’t want them there. They weren’t planning to protest, they weren’t planning to interrupt, they weren’t really planning to do anything but politely attend, yet Trump’s Secret Service detail said that Trump didn’t want them there.

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  7. This, from Trump last night (Super Tuesday):

    Asked whether he would be able to work with Congress and with House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, R-Wis., Trump said that he expects he could “get along great with him.”

    “And if I don’t, he’s going to have to pay a big price, OK?” he continued.

    He has just told the world, the kind of steamroller President he would be.


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