Bible is Saved!

Only in a Bible Belt state would this make the news …


18 thoughts on “Bible is Saved!

  1. @”Only in a Bible Belt state would this make the news…” – yep… what a miracle!!! 😉 I lived in Houston, TX for 5 years, where I met “bible belt folks”… 🙂 btw, I’m a Darwinian-Cartesian!!!

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    • Mel@nie … thanks for joining us! This video was posted in a comment on another blog and I simply couldn’t resist!

      Several others who post regularly on the blogs I follow live in the Bible Belt and frequently share the craziness. I’m sooooo glad I don’t live there.

      BTW, never heard of Darwinian-Cartesian. Is it for real?

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      • yep, it’s for real: Darwinian – means I do believe in Darwin’s theory on the evolutions of species, therefore we all “descend” from superior apes… 🙂 – Cartesian comes from the famous French philosopher René Descartes, both mathematician, and scientist. 🙂 you may have heard of his well-known statement of rationalism:”Cogito ergo sum!” – in French:”je pense, donc je suis!” = I think, therefore I am! – found in part IV of his “Discourse on the Method”… 🙂

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        • Yes, I’m familiar with Descartes. Rumor has it that one day he walked into a bar and ordered a drink. When he’d finished it, the bartender asked if he’d like another. Descartes said, “I think not,” and ceased to exist.

          I don’t suppose there’s any truth to that —


        • Mel@nie — not sure if you’ve “met” archaeopteryx on other blogs (Arch for short), but he tends to drop his witticisms (?) now and again. Sometimes they’re quite clever. Sometimes … not so much. You have my permission to ignore him if you wish. 😀


  2. A lady who was part of a Church I attended suffered a house fire. Out of the ashes her Bible was found barely scorched. So grabbed onto this as some sort of divine blessing, a sort of token from God in the tragedy of a house fire.

    Of course it does lead the more skeptical to question why God would save the Bible and let the house burn. I mean to say it is a lot easier to go out and buy a new Bible then re-build a house.

    I suspect that there are two things going on here:
    1) Whilst paper is highly flammable, closed books made of paper are not (this disconnect is not well understood);
    2) When tragedy strikes and an apparently all powerful God who could stop it does not, a person of faith needs to rationalise the event. These sorts of tokens help in that regard, other rationalisations are ‘the Devil did it’, ‘God is using this to help me grow spiritually’ – basically anything other than, ‘God was not able to do anything about it’.


    • (this disconnect is not well understood)

      There’s not much oxygen between the closed pages of a book. Additionally, paper has to reach a rather high temperature to ignite – in excess of 400 degrees. I often put paper plates in my toaster-broiler and have never had a fire.

      This, from “Does Paper Really Burn at 451 Degrees Fahrenheit?“:

      It would take a few minutes for a sheet of paper to burst into flames upon being placed in a 480-degree oven, and much longer than that for a thick book. The dense material in the center of a book would shunt heat away from the outside edges, preventing them from reaching the auto-ignition temperature.

      Recently, a church near here, “The Cowboy Church,” burned down. Their spokesperson went on TV news, saying that that was her god’s way of saying they needed a bigger church. Frankly, I thought a memo would have been more practical.


  3. This from Kuba’s Knowledge Guild site – I just HAD to share:

    “War is God’s way of teaching Americans geography.”
    — Ambrose Bierce —


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