Biden Bad. Trump Good.

I’ll bet that headline grabbed the attention of those who regularly follow my blog! 😁

Yet this IS the thinking of many in today’s political world and every so often on certain blogs, discussions about these two individuals can get rather “intense” as each person defends the one they support.

And it is just this sort of discussion that is currently taking place on Jill’s blog, where she gave Biden points for making a good and moving speech on 9/1/22.

I know many of you follow her blog, but for those who don’t … or haven’t checked in lately … I wanted to share the comment that prompted my blog’s headline and open the floor to any who would like to share their reactions,

Here is what started it all …

OMG. What a horrific speech! Ben Shapiro who is no flame thrower called it the most dangerous, divisive, demagogic speech of his lifetime. You don’t agree because you are not the ones attacked. MAGA, Make America Great Again, is a fine slogan, just as good as Hope and Change. Yet, we who would like to make America great are vilified and lied about in so many ways.

Biden advocates for certain Republicans, mainly those who agree with him. I am pro-life, pro-Constitution including the 2nd amendment, pro traditional family and marriage, pro-education including school vouchers, for limited government, for free and fair elections, against transgendering children, against forced vaccinations, against negotiating with Iran, against anti fossil fuel policies. All of these positions would make me one who President Biden is targeting. I have reasoned and principled beliefs supporting all of these positions. Yet, President Biden attributes to people like me with the most despicable and untrue charges, and doesn’t explain any of it. He talks about folks like me like President Bush talked about Al-Quaeda terrorists. He is a LIAR who is projecting some of his own parties failings on the other party. He is a weak, geriatric, incompetent, dull, unintelligent, and venal man. He is the worst president of my lifetime and he is leading us into rocky times. This speech is needed so he can blame all his current and future problems on his opponents.

I have to do a post on this and expand on all this more. This kind of rhetoric is just despicable and awful. The fact that you folks can’t look more critically at his speech and try to understand the other side is just as appalling.

You may not recognize any of this, but others will. I assure you his approval ratings will fall into the tank again, back down into the 30’s, maybe lower. The more Biden speaks, the more he is seen, the more people dislike him. Put him back in the basement watching TV if you want Democrats to do better in the upcoming election. This speech will hurt his party’s chances in the 2022 elections. People will reject this phony call for unity while he attacks his political opponents as the most demonic and evil people of all time. We can see through this double-faced man and his absolutely awful speech.

If you visit Jill’s blog, you will see this was just the opening volley and the discussion gets rather intense as it proceeds. As an example, here is another comment that this person added in an effort to support his idol:

Trump defeated ISIS in Iraq (don’t forget this was significant issue in the 2016 campaign); he moved the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, something every one of his predecessors said they would do but did not; he cut taxes and regulations which led to the best economy in most of our lifetimes and historic low unemployment rates (including the best ever for women, Hispanics, and blacks); he negotiated four historic Middle East peace deals; he kept us out of a war, the first to do so in a long time; he dealt with the Chinese head-on and in a way no president has done in recent times; he got us out of an awful deal with Iran; he exposed the media for the awful frauds they are and always have been (and they hated him for it); he was first president to speak at the March for Life and he brought us three justices who ended the awful Roe v Wade decision, and he made the US energy independent. Let’s not forget he built a wall as well.

Any individual who believes the second part of this post’s title has been, IMO, severely misled by certain “news” sources, but that’s neither here nor there. We all have the right to our opinions. I just find it difficult to comprehend how some are so totally certain that THEIR view is the correct one. (It reminds me of religious discussions. 😛)

67 thoughts on “Biden Bad. Trump Good.

  1. Re “The individual who believes the second part of my blog’s title has been, IMO, severely misled by certain “news” sources, but that’s neither here nor there.” Definitely neither here nor there. You don’t give enough weight to people who espouse opinions that grant them attention and money and so continue on that path, whether what they are saying are personally held beliefs or not.

    The referred to Ben Shapiro is one such. He claims he uses reasoning and logic but his effectiveness as a debater rests on his being able to speak faster that anyone else. When he is done with a short (for him) diatribe, he has raised so many points, used so many bogus facts, that your head swims. His opinion as to Biden’s speech has no merit. He probably has never heard any of George Wallace’s speeches, or Senator Joseph McCarthy’s for that matter. What does he know of divisiveness? He supports the most divisive president of the past 100 years!

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    • Just talking, but I have noticed many MAGAts use the verbose tactic of writing posts or comments so wordy that most readers get bored from the sheer lengthiness of their writing. They raise uncountable numbers of supposed truths that it is impossible to rebut them without missing some, and they jump on those thinking you agree with them. I finally gave up on trying to have discussions with them. They truly believe everything they are fed as truth because it alines with what they want to be true, no matter if there is any actual truth included at all.

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      • I have noticed that and when you analyse the spelling and their comprehension of something it appears they are poorly educated in English at least. I understand not all the MAGA are uneducated but when they interview them on YouTube it appears to support the view that on average these people are below par in educational standards.

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        • It’s hard to pin those people down. If we look at the whole community, we find many are graduates of Harvard and Yale, for instance. But if we try to understand their political philosophy, it is impossible to associate them with reality unless their intention is to destroy theRepublic.

          My conclusion is that the educated members, the MAGA elite, lead and take advantage of the less educated, the Troglodytes, always convincing them to take actions that are against their best interests. They try to maintain plausible deniability while the knuckle-draggers do their dirty work. It takes a village of idiots for the MAGA corps to function.

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  2. Of course, we are tribal. We belong to clans and families. We are social creatures, and that is the beginning of our system of rules and laws for creating the best form of government for civil order.

    Like Steve and probably most here, I watched Shapiro’s rant. No substance. No factual information. No indication of having applied any thought. Just load the prompter with all the talking points available.

    (Biden is speaking in Milwaukee.)

    What sort of people call for the banning and burning of books? What sort of Associate Justice of the SC calls for the tolling back of civil liberties and social equality? What sort of Legislators call for eliminating voting rights, destroying the administrative state, gutting all social programs, and ending the constitution that calls for them?

    If we are, as adult human beings, unable to watch the news develop, listen to, and understand the opposing speakers and what they propose for the future, discern the difference between progressive politics and authoritarian rulers, we may not belong in any public venue.

    Your President is right. The very soul of America, our survival as a democratically governed Republic, is on the line in the next two elections. Maybe just the next.

    Trump and his appointed thugs did a god job in crippling our government. From the SC to state GOP leaders putting our electoral process under assault.

    The sort of people we are dealing with are hell-bent on ending democracy. Only people who have no policy in place to govern the people turn to violence to establish their ideas.

    Now, I’m going to wait for the GOP response to the President’s speech in Milwaukee.

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  3. I really don’t know whether Ben Shapiro is a flame thrower. I have not paid much attention to him. I often see Shapiro being quoted, typically in support of bad ideas.

    It’s is hard to understand how somebody can be as wrong as the poster that you quoted. I suppose it comes from too much FOX NEWS. But he takes the cake in the ways that he is so certain that he is right, when he is so obviously wrong about so much.

    He seems offended that I told him to “f*** off”. I think that was in my second reply to him, mostly to let him know that I didn’t appreciate him being so insistent on being wrong. I haven’t repeated that, because it is obvious that he failed to get the message.

    Some people are weird. But I guess I should take it as comic relief.

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    • I dunno, Neil. I am so sick of him and his arrogance, his distorted views, that I’m just about ready to start blocking his comments, but … is that wrong? Does that make me closed-minded? I like to engage civil discourse on my blog, but Dave’s comments are far too long and he acts as if the rest of us don’t have the brain power to think logically! I’m very torn over how to handle him and his comments.

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      • You can put him in moderation and then decide if you want to let the comment go through. In addition, if you were so inclined, you could edit the comment and explain why in your response. I’ve done this before … and I know other bloggers do it as well.

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        • I have the 7 lengthy comments he left this morning sitting in moderation while I try to make a reasonable decision. I haven’t either the time or energy to deal with him, but at the same time, I want to be fair, I don’t want to stifle opposing voices just because I disagree. Heh heh … if I edited his comments, they would look much like the redacted Mueller report did! 🤣 Thanks for your help and support, my friend!

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        • Personally, I think he’s said all he needs to say. Besides, I think anyone who has read his comments already has a VERY firm idea which side of the fence he’s on, And methinks that was his goal to start with … to be a dissenter.

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        • Sigh. I agree. He obviously believes that whatever he says is right and that we are a bunch of mindless twits. I held 8 of his comments in moderation all day and was about to trash them, but then decided to publish them after all, but told him in no uncertain terms that I’m done with the conversation, such as it is. If you, Prof, or Neil want to respond to him, feel free, but don’t feel like you need to, for he has his own agenda, I think. I pity his wife, if he has one!

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        • You will eventually have to stop him. Give ‘em an inch and they will take a mile. I personally found it very unsettling…and why I skipped the comments for that post. It was just too much..sorry, just me.

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        • I almost did, but I relented and let his comments through, primarily because Prof is doing such a great job of countering him! No, I don’t blame you for skipping it, Mary … it can be stressful!

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        • To me, it just ruins the whole point of a blog which is to discuss, in a mature not bullying way, and not keying in more on being offensive than any real conversation. They get their jollies, if you know what I mean. 😊

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        • Well … I don’t think it ruins the point of the blog. People will take from our words what they will, and we’ll get through to some, while others will find excuses to argue. Such is life.

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      • That’s why I could never do a blog. I have no tolerance for those types who just love to argue and spew out lies they’ve seen on Fox or their not so hidden racism, religious nuttery, bigotry and just pure self centeredness and narcissism.

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        • Generally, when I pick up an antagonist, they don’t hang around long. I find that … with the exception of Scott Lawlor … ignoring them is the best way to get them to go elsewhere, for they are seeking attention and enjoying an argument. This one is different, though … he’s not stupid, but I disagree with him on nearly every issue. The thing that bothers me most is that he speaks as if he has superior knowledge and we are all a bunch of brainless twits, and I don’t appreciate that at all. But, I will keep on doing what I do, and eventually he’ll tire of it and leave.

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        • It’s the arrogance that turns people off…usually extremely arrogant abrasive people are deep down insecure or the other possibility is technically insane, but they can function in an everyday sense.

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  4. When you watch television shows that purport to be “news” and all you get are opinions in which you are already enrolled, it reinforces your false opinions even further. Look at how people now want to shoot FBI and law enforcement officials since Fat Orange Man tells them they’re out to get him and Tucker Carlson “reports” that it is true. Their rhetoric desn’t have to have any substance or fact, people are going to believe it anyway.

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      • And now we find that he REALLY IS the traitor we thought he was after Helsinki! The proof is in the photos and STILL people and even JUDGES are defending him. This is an incredible example of how a tyrant can literally hypnotize the intellectually dull. A Trump appointed Judge tries to slow down the legal process to protect him! America at it’s worst!

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  5. Good post and excellent comments here so far. Now, on a serious note, please remember to vote for me on 2024 so I can become emperor of Murica and turned it into a Muslim nation as Allah wants me to do. Because, after all, Islam good, Christianity bad.

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  6. Oh I took a quick peek…couldn’t finish as I don’t want my blood pressure going through the roof..
    She appears to have an infestation. Thought it was looking like Jim Jordan….
    It’s of no use, you know…stupidity, corruption, selfishness, greed, arrogance and really a penchant for self destruction is ruling the times. It’s spreading to other parts of the world, as we know. I see no good outcome in my time left on earth. Same with Hitler in WWII…history repeats and the fools follow blindly.

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  7. All of these positions [listed] would make me one who President Biden is targeting.

    BWAAAAAAA!!! Flat out, unequivocally WRONG! Period! This person doesn’t even know precisely what the definitions are of:

    …pro-life, pro-Constitution including the 2nd amendment, pro traditional family and marriage, pro-education including school vouchers, for limited government, for free and fair elections, against transgendering children, against forced vaccinations, against negotiating with Iran, against anti fossil fuel policies.

    On every single one of those components of (presumed) “pro-Constitution,” I can easily show him/her THEIR interpretation is grossly wrong and NOT aligned with what our six (6) Core Founding Fathers, who drafted and framed said Constitution and the first ten (10) Amendments, wanted in both implicit spirit and explicit laws. How?

    Because those six (6) Core Founding Fathers wrote many, many personal letter back-n-forth to Constitutional colleagues explaining in MORE detail exactly what they meant in their drafting of the Constitution, then the following first ten (10) Amendments!

    Therefore, it isn’t AT ALL President Biden who is targeting this deluded, misguided American on these twelve issues he/she raises. It is in reality the very Constitution & first 10 Amendments he/she wrongly interprets, but the very document that is targeting him/her. Not President Biden, Obama, Clinton, Carter, Johnson, or Kennedy because the Executive Branch—during those past 5 Presidencies—had LIMITED authority and power to do such as he/she accuses. The fact of the matter is that he/she is simply, GROSSLY wrong, misguided, and obviously has no background in Constitutional Law or history. Period.

    Sadly, this is the condition of the (radical?) Republican Party as well as the MAGA base. They cannot EXHAUSTIVELY show or prove what they claim in the Constitution, the first 10 Amendments, nor (more critically) the personal “spirit” of those six Core Founding Father’s in their personal letters to colleagues between 1773 to 1795.

    Whole lotta cuckoos out their gallivanting as Constitutional experts when they are nothing but!

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    • We have no reason to expect these people to even pretend to provide supporting facts or evidence. That bar is too high. If there was that much intelligence in this crowd, their tanks would be thinning.

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    • Hey Prof! As I just told Neil, I greatly appreciate your responses to him … I just can’t anymore! His arrogance sickens me … he acts as if he is the only one in the conversation who is intelligent. I haven’t responded to most of his comments, so I do really appreciate you and Neil picking up the slack. I’m considering blocking his comments … your thoughts?

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      • Hmm, I understand and appreciate your predicament Jill. I face the exact same thing on a near daily basis (face-to-face) living here in the Hill Country (rural) red-neck part of Texas where the same Deep Red-party propaganda is blurted out and/or swallowed faster than Lone Star beer… or Shiner Bock, if I were an extremist faith-follower and far-right Conservative! 😉

        Here’s my thought on blocking Commenters. When they become personally abusive, taking most every challenge to their personal viewpoints or opinions as a PERSONAL attack—an all too often tactic or response by biased, closed-minded people who crave Confirmation Bias rather than an exhaustive, more objective consensus of the data, evidence, and facts—that’s when they are utterly useless to productive, challenging, educating debates/discussions. You’ve read my own blog-page: Professor’s Netiquette. Those are the infrequent abuses on my blog. However, due to my personal, at-home circumstances, you Jill receive a LOT MORE blog-traffic than I do. Hence, you must understandably stay on top of abusive, non-stop antagonizers, and/or rude Commenters who are not looking to discuss or diplomatically debate, but instead are merely looking to push their own personal agenda and ideologies. Eventually those types get themselves banned, and rightly so as Mr. tRump did with Facebook and Twitter, to name just two (PRIVATELY owned) social-media platforms.

        Lastly, if I’ve-Got-the-Truth shows no interest at all in putting forth effort to learn some things, concepts, ideas, etc, from all of us about those who are merely different than him… then in my estimation that too is justification for… let’s say, “blocking NewsMax or FOXNews” as many rational, sane, political moderates have done already, myself included, then yes, shut the door on him and permanently lock it. 😉 During WW1 and WW2 our Allied Intelligence Corp had to do the same on Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Today, we do the same exact thing on Vlady Poopin. 😄

        Non-stop, obsessive-compulsive propaganda is very easy to identify these days. There’s way too much of it on the internet and TV’s.

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        • Thank you so much for your thoughts, Prof! I work hard at trying to make my blog a place where people can air their opinions, learn other ways of thinking, and hopefully have a good time, while they’re at it. I enjoy my blog, the camaraderie I find there among my readers, many of whom are like an extended family. But these past few days, Dave’s comments have depressed me, almost made me consider throwing in the towel until I had a good long talk with myself this morning. His arrogance, his demeaning of me and my readers, his unwillingness to admit that maybe, just maybe he isn’t always right, and the length of his comments (some have more words than my posts!) led me to conclude that the conversation wasn’t going anywhere. It seems that, as you say, he has his own agenda, and it doesn’t seem to be finding common ground from which can rise meaningful civil discourse. It seemed pointless to continue, and especially when this morning he tried to carry the discussion forward to an entirely different post. So, I have now 8 of his lengthy comments in moderation, while I debate whether to send them to Trash, Spam, or approve them. It seems a waste of time to continue the ‘conversation’, such as it was.

          Thank you so much for your input, and for your responses to him these past couple of days. I greatly appreciate it!

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        • And after I replied to you not 15 minutes ago, I decided to go ahead and approve his comments … this time. I also told him that I will no longer be participating in this conversation because it has no value and I haven’t the time to waste. You, Neil, and Nan can comment if you wish, though I think it might be better to simply ignore him altogether.

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  8. So, Trump “made the US energy independent.”

    Really? If that was true, then how can the increases of the price of gasoline resulting from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine be explained?

    Biden’s 1 September speech was music to my ears – and as it would turn out – literally!

    Soon after watching Biden’s speech I was listening to Lou Reed’s album New York.

    As the track “There is no time” came up – the lyrics convinced me that Joe must be a huge fan. Biden’s speech in many was is a simple paraphrasing of the song.

    As Lou was singing;

    “This is no time for celebration
    This is no time for shaking heads
    This is no time for backslapping
    This is no time for marching bands
    This is no time for optimism
    This is no time for endless thought
    This is no time for my country right or wrong
    Remember what that brought
    There is no time…”

    Yet even more to the point;

    “This is no time to swallow anger
    This is no time to ignore hate
    This is no time to be acting frivolous
    Because the time is getting late…

    …This is a time for action
    Because the future’s within reach
    This is the time”

    Elsewhere on the same album the references to Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani are nothing less than visionary in view of where these cretinous grifting traitors are today.

    The only thing left for me to add is, how refreshing it is to finally see a Democratic politician take the gloves off and say it like it is. Thanks Joe, that was exactly what the world needed to hear. This is the time.

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  9. Hey Nan! Thanks so much for sharing this conversation … I have had to simply stop even responding to him, for his arrogance is making me want to throw things! He seems to honestly believe we are all too stupid to know what we are talking about. What he’s doing … and why … is beyond me! He seems to have unlimited time to leave comments that are longer than my blog posts! Sigh. I’m considering banning his comments, but … that doesn’t seem the right thing to do, either. Thanks again for sharing!

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  10. Jill, he recently demonstrated his “extensive wisdom” to another blogger on the topic of gun control … and did the same thing as on your blog. Made statements as though they were FACT and seemed to take great pleasure in displaying his vast knowledge of the world-at-large. As for the length of his comments? I took a look-see at his blog and you would not believe the length of some of his posts!!!

    As for his arrogance … this seems to be a common trait among tRumpsters.

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  11. I think it pretty rich … With the “christians” sucking Trump’s scrotum like he’s the second coming of christ, he was selling out Israel to the A-rabs. Rolling on the floor laughing my sun-burnt ass off …

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  12. It is so strange, how there is almost nothing right there.

    “Trump defeated ISIS in Iraq (don’t forget this was significant issue in the 2016 campaign);” Did he? And here was I thinking it was Putler! No, wait. It was the Iraqis, Syrians and the Kurds who actually defeated ISIS.

    “…he moved the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, something every one of his predecessors said they would do but did not;” A lot of good that accomplished. The tensions between the Israelis and the Palestinians grew to a new peak and this certainly is not goint to help the peace process in any way. All it did was a show of support to the apartheid system of Israel today.

    “…he cut taxes and regulations which led to the best economy in most of our lifetimes and historic low unemployment rates (including the best ever for women, Hispanics, and blacks); ” Oh, really? Since when have tax cuts to the super rich ever produced more jobs? It really does not work like that at all.

    “…he negotiated four historic Middle East peace deals;” He did nothing of the sort. His soninlaw negotiated those and as to their historic nature, they are merely statements of an already existing status quo. They did not stop any conflicts, or heal any wounds.

    “…he kept us out of a war, the first to do so in a long time;” Yes, that is sad, is it not. So, he did not get involved in defeating the ISIS at all. But he did get you out of Afghanishtan at the elevent hour, since the war was already lost.

    “… he dealt with the Chinese head-on and in a way no president has done in recent times;” And accomplished absolutely nothing, exept publicity for himself and hindrance in trade both ways.

    “…he got us out of an awful deal with Iran;” That deal was a result of long labour to restrict the nuclear program of Iran. If the EU had not kept their part, Iran could have gotten on with their nuclear weapons program unhindered and unbound as the US showed it could not be trusted to keep it’s word.

    “… he exposed the media for the awful frauds they are and always have been (and they hated him for it);” It is obvious, that he hated the media long before he tried to “expose” anything. Because they ridiculed him for his playboy image decades ago and because they made fun of him not being able to produce a coherent sentence and for making shit up. The problem with the media is how it is influenced by commercialism, but he did not expose that. Instead, he believes the most commercialist media and parrots it.

    “…he was first president to speak at the March for Life and he brought us three justices who ended the awful Roe v Wade decision,” None of wich has, or will much reduce the amount of abortions, not to mention unwanted pregnancies. All he has accomplished on that front is put people in difficult situation into even more difficult situation. It is shamefull.

    “…and he made the US energy independent.” The US has sought energy indipendence for ages, but if it had really achieved that, why would the world market prices affect the cost of energy in the US? Russia has energy indipendence and their citizens have not suffered from growing prices of energy. They suffer otherwise, but that is not the point here.

    “Let’s not forget he built a wall as well.” Indeed a piece of wall was built. Did it affect the traffic across the border in any meaningfull way? Was it expensive? Did Mexico pay for it? Do you feel any safer for it?

    It almost seems that these are such silly claims, that the person writing them has to be a troll. However, considering how many people did vote for Trump, it has to be a fairly regular form of political ignorance, that promted these beliefs. As with religion, the fervour wich they are defended against all odds and facts only verifies the nature of the method of aquiring such bad information.

    Beliefs that are based also on an arbitrary set of values, because of wich this person now feels under attack. I can not help, but when I see their list of values, this is how I interprete them:

    1. pro-life = against the right of the women to decide about their own body.
    2. pro-Constitution including the 2nd amendment = against regulating firearms from nutjobs.
    3. pro traditional family and marriage = against the freedom of many others to marry (to decide for other adults how they should live their lives, when they are doing no harm to others).
    4. pro-education including school vouchers = against equal quality education for all.
    5. for limited government = for oligarchs and capitalists to have more power, than democratically appointed representatives.
    6. for free and fair elections = against a system where international observers have found no fault, but your guy lost.
    7. against transgendering children = for gendering children and setting expectations and demands on them based on their anatomy according to one’s own taste.
    8. against forced vaccinations (that have not happened anywhere) = for idiots and charlatans, not medical professionals to decide how to deal with a pandemic.
    9. against negotiating with Iran = for war against Iran. Or is there a third option?
    10. against anti fossil fuel policies = for own comfort despite global warming and a climate disaster.

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  13. Thanks, Nan, and all you bloggers who make this conversation possible. It re-enforces my confidence in my own thinking. There are voices of reason to be heard. We just have to sort them out from all the chaotic rants.

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    • GREAT article! And scary as hell because it clearly describes the America we are facing at this very moment. Although according to this article, authoritarianism has always been present, I don’t recall it being so prevalent when I was growing up. Do you?

      This, from the article: The enemies of democracy are self-interested men and women who exploit fear to secure and expand their power. is so totally evident in the “Trump movement.”

      In any event, one can’t help but wonder if things do go the way this writer suggests, will there be any who will rise up against it?

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      • No I don’t remember from the past, but then I didnt follow politics until I was older and not so much as I have in the past 10 years. Also with the internet and news 24/7…it’s a whole different world. And people are much more gullible today and prone to conspiracy theories. And though I was not raised in a religious home, I had friends that were and I don’t ever recall anything like this white Christian nationalism we have today. Mostly people just had some belief and tried to be good, but didn’t judge nor hate like they do today..

        Yes I thought the article was spot on and scary and probably very true…I think it really kicked in with Reagan also and now it’s on steroids!

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  14. “Ben Shapiro who is no flame thrower…” Nobody should have to have read any farther than that to know the writer is a monstrous liar.


  15. Nan, I agreed more with Ted Cruz in terms of ideology, particularly with his Constitutionalist inclinations. Donald Trump is not perfect by any means, however, Joe Biden is a walking talking gaffe machine. The Burisma situation, the fact about the only solution to this lab-created bioweapon being relabeled a virus would entail us to get a vaccine based on technology that was abandoned by its inventor after multiple problems, as well as being held hostage to employer-based mandates that we get vaccines or face loss of employment, a violation of HIPAA, by the way, should cause Joe Biden to be seen as tyrannical.

    What about the Russia collusion story, which was a big lie? That was easy to debunk if the facts were looked at objectively.


    • Do NOT bring up the vaccine again in any of your comments on my blog. Your viewpoint is not in line with the MAJORITY of experts, plus the fact you have expressed your opinion MULTIPLE times and do NOT need to express it again.

      As for your other remarks, I’ll leave it to others to contribute if they choose.

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        • When you include remarks like the following, which you have expressed on NUMEROUS blogs, then I really don’t think I was taking anything “out of its intended context” —

          this lab-created bioweapon being relabeled a virus would entail us to get a vaccine based on technology that was abandoned by its inventor after multiple problems, as well as being held hostage to employer-based mandates that we get vaccines or face loss of employment

          And your last exceedingly insensitive question has moved you to my SPAM list.

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