The 2016 Election and Cognitive Science-Reblog

The chart on this blog post is well worth reviewing. Do you see yourself? I bet you see others. 😉

Life After 40

20-cognitive-biases-that-screw-up-your-decisions Click for larger image

I don’t write political posts. I care deeply about the future of the United States but I lack the passion to write about American politics. However, one of the things that has stayed on my mind this year, which is related to the 2016 election, regards bias. This 2016 election is a fascinating case study for Cognitive Science / Behavioral Science.

Several years ago, I began to learn how flawed I am thanks to cognitive bias. We’re all flawed. We all suffer from things like Confirmation bias, Blind-spot bias, Conservatism bias, Choice-supportive bias and the Bandwagon effect — just to name a few. Those biases have nothing to do with being a republican, a democrat or an independent. Rather, they are the ways that our brains protect our psyche from the great anxiety we feel when different pieces of information contradict each other, or when information…

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5 thoughts on “The 2016 Election and Cognitive Science-Reblog

  1. Good post, unfortunately I see myself in each of these and most if not all could apply to everyone as naturally occurring faults in human beings no matter how considerate, caring, righteous or moralistic you may think you are.

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