Trump and U.S. National Security

When the Orange Monster (OM) takes office, he’s going to have a LOT of responsibilities. Probably more than he realizes. (After all, he’s mostly a snake oil salesman whose talents are pretty much limited to negotiations related to putting his name on buildings and buying up real estate … so he can add his name to more places. Oh, and figuring out ways to avoid paying taxes.)

One of his biggest responsibilities is related to U.S. National Security. As his campaign rhetoric has illustrated, tRump knows little to nothing in this area. What makes this especially frightening is that in his role as POTUS, he will have almost unlimited powers over the military and, even more frightening, contingency plans to use nuclear weapons.

According to this article by Bob Woodward, the OM will soon begin receiving briefings on U.S. intelligence capabilities and the most sensitive top-secret operations. (I can’t help but wonder if he’ll be able to restrain himself from sharing them on Twitter.)

In addition, he will learn about the covert actions undertaken by the CIA, which include “broad authorities to conduct lethal counter-terrorism operations in dozens of countries.”

He will also be given a briefing on nuclear-war plans and options.

Sidenote: Something I did not know, but is pointed out in Woodward’s article is that the president “can select nuclear strike packages against three categories — military targets, war-supporting or economic targets and leadership targets.”

For me, one of the scariest parts of the article was when Woodward wrote: “A president might have to make a decision in a matter of minutes with little or no time to consult the secretary of defense, military leaders or the National Security Council.” (emphasis added) Can you imagine this scenario considering the (oft displayed) temperament of the OM?

A sobering comment was made by Obama in 2008 after one of his briefings:

“I’m inheriting a world that could blow up any minute in half a dozen ways, and I will have some powerful but limited and perhaps even dubious tools to keep it from happening.”

In a related article, the writer commented “[T]he broad array of international challenges now facing Donald Trump is among the most daunting and dangerous in modern U.S. history.”

And to think this nation elected him as POTUS. May the gods help us.


54 thoughts on “Trump and U.S. National Security

    • About the gods … yes, I know. But it seemed a fitting final comment. 🙂

      Yes, I do subscribe to Emma’s blog … and have been reading her very astute postings related to the OM. She’s one very sharp lady.

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      • Why, thank you very much!

        It looks as though I come snooping on what others say about me… Oh, my

        Seriously now, yes, we are screwed. Not only the OM (ohmm, ohmm, ohmm… sorry) has nucular (yep) weapons at his short fingertips, he has a Republican Congress to do his bidding.

        We are in for dark times. Let’s hope we survive them — because if we do, there is a chance the experience may be transformative, in a possibly (key word) positive way. You know, like the philosopher said: What does not kill ya makes you die slowly in a ditch by the road. Or something

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  1. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    Nan is an author I fully respect and enjoy. Her well reasoned post often get me to think on things I wouldn’t have otherwise. This is one. Sadly it adds to my other well founded fears of a tRump presidency. I know I have to stop asking the question of why so many of my fellow country people have such anger at others different from them,and worry more about what the new administration will do. Also I need to become ready to oppose it and to reasonably refute it. I need to add my voice to a more progressive future. I hope you will join me in that endeavor. Hugs

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  2. Nan,

    I am in complete agreement with your sentiments about our POTUS!

    Now of course the actual registered voters who voted on absentee and early voting ballots, then those on Nov. 8th did NOT vote in tRump. This isn’t news. However, American registered voters — over a 1, 2, 4, and 6(?) year period — DID vote in those federal House of Reps and Senate members who were selected by our two-chambered Congress for our Electoral College… who during this past Presidential election selected tRump despite what the popular vote (American voters) clearly wanted. But all of that is another issue and arguement, right. :/

    These next four years, hell… the next several months, are going to be so critical and revealing that having a President like tRump, who cannot even keep his mouth and temper in check, with the level of power his office wields, is absolutely horrifying given his track-record under pressure and criticism! And you nailed it with his Twitter activity — he is a moron, to put it mildly!!! 😮

    And I thought Richard Nixon was our worst POTUS in modern history! tRump I’m afraid is much worse than Nixon was! This reality fucking scares the shit out of me, if I’m perfectly honest. 😦

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  3. I believe the structure of our government has been fine tuned over the years just in case we have a hot head for a president.

    Have you not read anything about Hillary Clinton going nuclear on many occasions off camera ? All you have to do is google it if you really want to know the truth. And there are 2 books written by Secret Service agents describing in detail how Hillary would fly off the handle for no reason at all.

    Like Oprah said this weekend, she was encouraged by the meeting Obama and Trump had and that Everyone should take a deep breath. 🙂


    • Ken, from your comments here and on other blogs, I’m not sure whether you’re defending Hillary or you’re just trying to level the playing field. Most certainly she’s no angel. She definitely has her faults and failures — and is very possibly guilty of the things her accusers have claimed. But in the big picture, she’s come across as someone who would like to see people work together. She hasn’t insulted other races, faiths, genders, or the disabled. And overall, she appears to be fairly level-headed.

      Perhaps Oprah is right. We should all take a deep breath. On the other hand, I think many of us are so full of fear and trepidation that we simply have not reached the point where we can see any good coming out of the situation. Perhaps in time … although I think it will only happen if the OM shows a far different side than what he’s presented thus far.

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      • Again Nan, I totally respect your opinions. As you have seen my comments on other blogs, I have not changed my stance that I find them equally deplorable in different ways. What I find interesting on the blogs I follow is that everyone acts like they know so much about Donald Trump and yet no one seems to want to acknowledge any of Hilary’s faults unless they are pointed out by others.

        I don’t like Donald Trump. There, I said it if anyone thought differently. I also don’t like Hillary. It takes very little research to come to the conclusion she is a pathological liar and a hot head, If that doesn’t draw concern, I don’t know what will.

        I am an equal opportunity critic. I am saddened that these 2 candidates were the only choices that had a chance to win the Presidency in the end.

        This very fact makes me scared.

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        • Thanks for your response/explanation. 🙂

          While I felt Hillary was the lesser of two evils, you’re probably correct when you say they both were “equally deplorable.” We most definitely did not have much to choose from.

          If only Bernie could have stayed in the race …


  4. You might want to start writing letters, Scottie. I have been doing it for years – every politician who’s ever been in my district knows my name. I’m sure they all have opinions about me, as well. 🙂 I have always received letters and phone calls in answer to my queries – after all, they are ELECTED officials. You are the ones who keep them there. They must be beholden to the voters. Of course, It’s so much more expedient now, with email.

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  5. For many years, Trump has expressed curiosity about nuclear weapons. In 1984, still in his thirties, he told the Washington Post that he wanted to negotiate nuclear treaties with the Soviets. “It would take an hour and a half to learn everything there is to learn about missiles,” he said. “I think I know most of it anyway.”

    According to Bruce G. Blair, a research scholar at the Program on Science and Global Security, at Princeton, Trump encountered a U.S. nuclear-arms negotiator at a reception in 1990 and offered advice on how to cut a “terrific” deal with a Soviet counterpart. Trump told him to arrive late, stand over the Soviet negotiator, stick his finger in his chest, and say, “Fuck you!”

    This is from The New Yorker piece on what to expect from President Trump’s first term, written in September.

    Drink, anyone?

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    • Stunning. Absolutely stunning. This childish, ragingly spoiled brat just became POTUS and he’s STILL engaging in Twitter wars. Truly, a plastic baggie filled with rancid diarrhea and flesh eating parasites would be more qualified, more dignified, and far more intelligent as POTUS than this deplorable infant.

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  6. Can someone please wake me up from this nightmare? What kind of POTUS would get into Twitter wars? Oh wait, this moron would. Here’s hoping for a very early (like now) impeachment. He’s too stupid to be able keep himself in check. He and all his kids will be under a microscope. Let’s hope our Justice Dept. does their job, and hopefully keeps us all from getting killed.

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  7. And Brannon is his “Chief Strategist,” whatever that means.

    I don’t take Vladamir to be a dancer, but he’s dancing up a storm in the Kremlin, pissing himself laughing. Can you imagine how easy it would be to blackmail Trump? He is a national security nightmare.

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  8. I suppose looking on the positive side, liquor sales should be up for the next four years.

    I just can’t see any other positive outcome for Trumps term. Am I a bad person for having briefly daydreamed of a plane carrying Trump and Pence going down? And that they were found naked and in a compromising position?

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    • “Am I a bad person for having briefly daydreamed of a plane carrying Trump and Pence going down?”

      Yes, you have crossed the line. This is clear hate speech. You do not represent the America I love. To daydream about the candidates you oppose dying in a plane crash and expressing it publicly is deplorable . If this were my blog, I would give you one warning not to exhibit hate speech here. Apparently the owner of this blog condones hate speech since she “liked” your comment.

      Come on people ! You are better than this. At least I hope you are !


        • I’m not mad at you and I’m having a good day. I just happen to think wishing someone were dead that you disagree with is better left unsaid. Is there no limit to joking ? No I’m not trying to prevent you from saying anything. I do think there is a limit even if you’re joking. Just my opinion .


      • Quite frankly, Ken, I would be more inclined to moderate your comment. To even lightly assume that shelldigger was serious is, IMO, ridiculous. Besides, there have been far worse things said in relation to this election. Are you going to be the PC Police and monitor them all?

        I’m sorry, but I don’t consider this “hate speech” anymore than some of the crazy things that Jeff (inspiredbythedivine1) has written.

        If you can’t understand how deeply this election has touched people, then you must be blind and deaf. Don’t you agree it’s better to dump your thoughts on a blog rather than participate in marches that destroy property and injure people?

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        • Nan, I respectfully disagree. Where do you draw the line on hate speech ? I understand people are troubled by the election. Calling candidates names they disagree with is fair game. Saying they day dream the person they appose would die in a plane crash is over the top.

          And you considered moderating my comments ? I am at a loss for words here.


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