“The Fairness Project”

I had never heard of this group until I was directed, via a newsletter I receive, to an article on the NPR.org website.

As I read about the group, I personally found that “The Fairness Project” is performing a very worthy service. Here’s why — from the article’s introductory comments:

[A] left-leaning advocacy group called the Fairness Project has created a playbook for using ballot initiatives to go around GOP-led state legislatures.

Since 2016, it has backed successful initiatives to raise the minimum wage and expand Medicaid in at least nine states run entirely or mostly by Republicans at the time of the vote. (It also works in Democratically led states.)

Now, it’s one of several groups gearing up to put abortion rights on the ballot in 2024

The project is the brainchild of a California-based health care workers union and was created with the idea of using ballot measures to address quality-of-life issues.

For every “citizen-initiated” measure, the group must gather thousands of signatures on petitions to put the initiative on the ballot.

If any such petition comes your way, please don’t hesitate to sign it.


I hope you will take time to read the entire article.

9 thoughts on ““The Fairness Project”

  1. Not entirely new, there’s a long history of ‘out-of-control’, outside the system ballot measure suppression by those who would control the system. Many ballot measure failures are not due to lack of support but to being struck down by the courts, those who would control the system.

    Refreshing to see it happening, finally, it’s long been my thought the Internet could facilitate a like forum. Maybe someday it will …

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