ReBlog: Hopefully the last letter to my Senators about Trump

A letter for the ages!

Ends and Beginnings

I know this email is a waste of time, but it makes me feel better writing it. For the last four years you have supported, shielded, defended, and turned a blind eye to a man and an administration that has encouraged hate, racism, and division. A man and an administration that has mocked and disregarded the standards and norms of the office of President and the Constitution. A man and an administration that has put their own self-interest above the interest, safety, and security of American citizens. A man and an administration that is trying to disregard the will of the people and steal the election which is nothing less than an attempted coup d’état. Fortunately for America, Trump and his henchmen and henchwomen are just as inapt and ineffective as he was at being President.

It appears that Trump’s “plan” (which will be the first plan he has had…

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25 thoughts on “ReBlog: Hopefully the last letter to my Senators about Trump

  1. I appreciate this. I’m going to use it if you don’t mind to send to my own senators with a few changes. Not that I too haven’t constantly pleaded called and emailed with no response. Trump has created a country filled with lawlessness and hatred and he has abandoned our fight against this deadly virus all with the approval of our senate who works for him but gets paid by our tax dollars.

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  2. Well, Nan, a valiant, but useless, ode to the hipocrisy of what the GOP has become. The best thing Americans can do is dismantle it, and replace it with a new political party, one that pays more than lip service to your Constitution. As it is, Trump et al have destroyed that Constitution, including the effectiveness of the apolitical and non-religious Supreme Court of the United States.
    There will be hell to pay if America allows lifetime appointments to stand. Trump has emphasized many of the problems of not modernizing your political system. There is a drastic need for change in so many areas. I fear the USofA will not survive, not as the democratic beacon it believes itself to be.

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  3. Of all the letters I have written over the past four years, this one is far superior to any of mine. It is a brilliant letter! Yes, rawgod is likely right that it won’t do a bit of good, but really, that isn’t the point, is it? The point is to register our voices, to make ourselves heard by the rest of the world, and in blogging, that is what we are trying to do. Thanks for sharing his excellent letter, Nan!

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  4. Thanks Nan for the reblog. Very good letter. We need more to call and write these folks as this petulant and deceitful acting person is endangering our democracy and people, who are getting death threats from the more zealous members of his cult. Keith

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  5. But, now waaiitt… a minute folks. What about these many “whistleblowers” that have signed affidavits on the penalty of a felony if they’re lying attesting to voter fraud?? One woman shared that she and her family have been harassed and threatened. These threats can go both ways.

    Gov. Kemp is calling for an audit of the votes in Georgia after a suspicious video has surfaced.

    I feel like all this has to be laid to rest and resolved before the electors’ vote. How can we have a functioning republic without confidence in our elections.

    Ends and Beginnings is a good man, but I feel that often he is only looking at one side of the issue.


      • Nan, all of us reflect some bias, but to the best of my ability I try to hear both sides. I would not exclude or cut off conversation with someone because they disagree with my point of view.


        • Yes, I’ve found you do discuss different points of view; however, your last remark … the one I highlighted … says a lot and that’s why I pointed it out.

          And even though you are willing to discuss different sides of an issue, you have your biases as well. The difference is you tend to present them in a more “dignified” way instead of throwing insults and calling people names as is common among many (most?) Trumpsters.


        • It should be noted, Georgia has just recertified their results. This is after two recounts and an audit. We should focus on those who are trying to get this right. One of the keys to all of this, is the outgoing’s president campaign has lost all but one of about 40 court cases. GOP Senator Ben Sasse noted the attorneys are not presenting the wide-spread claims of the president, as if they lied to a judge that is a crime.

          Please note, every election has some voter irregularities. Many of the so-called fraud claims are handled within the normal processes. The one case that the outgoing president won threw out about 600 votes in PA. What bothers me most are several issues. The outgoing president has staged what he is doing now for about six months, first by claiming the mail in process was fraught with peril, hobbling the post office, getting some states to limit mail-in timetable, and hiring 1,000 attorneys. What he is doing now is not a surprise as it was predictable and predicted.

          What frustrates me most is the silent Republican Senators who have not condemned the president and the handful who are aiding and abetting the outgoing president’s fraud he is perpetrating on Americans. What Chris Krebs, who is well thought of by both parties but was fired by the president for disagreeing with him, noted in the “60 Minutes” interview, that 95% of the ballots have a paper trail up from 82% in 2016. So, the auditing is easier to do.

          The question for Trump supporters must be asked: is it easier to believe there is wide-spread fraud that would have to encompass a great number of Republican election officials, Secretaries of State, governors, the AG, the head of the elecion commission, Krebs and his cybersecurity officials, and judges OR is it easier to believe a person who is well-documented as not being very truthful is lying yet again? Occams’ Razor would point us to the latter.

          This outgoing president is the biggest threat to national security that we have and is endangering our democracy and lives of people. That is what this independent and former Republican thinks. Keith

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        • Nan, I really think it depends on who someone is as a person and how they’ve come to their views. I feel like there are certainly unkind, narrow, and intolerant people on the right for sure. But, there are also folks like this in droves on the left. Consider the “cancel culture.”

          My husband’s cousin was nixed by her best friend simply because she supported Trump. Luckily, they were able to work this through down the road and were reconciled. Families and even churches have been split down the middle. It’s a mess.

          I know you will disagree, but I blame this in part on the mainstream media as well as many on both sides of the aisle who seek political power. They know how to gin up these differences between us for political advantage.


        • Actually, I agree with your last point. And I would add the media is also looking at their bottom line.

          If you had used another word besides “droves,” I might have agreed with that statement as well. There’s no argument that there’s a dividing line between political preferences. What concerns me is the ones who feel they must use force to express their beliefs and/or opinions. And, I might add, the outgoing POTUS has subtly endorsed such actions.


        • In retrospect, I think you’re right. “Droves” is not the best and most fair term. Definitely have a concern for those who would resort to violence as well. We’re in total agreement there.

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    • “Gov. Kemp is calling for an audit of the votes in Georgia after a suspicious video has surfaced.”

      That video is only suspicious because it’s devoid of context. Fact checkers have already investigated this and found nothing to get excited about.

      “I feel like all this has to be laid to rest and resolved before the electors’ vote.”

      Any contraversy has been manufactured. There is no credible evidence of the massive election fraud that Trump is claiming. Trump and his half assed legal team keep losing in court. If they had something credible the courts would be much more receptive. This whole disinformation campaign is not about trying to overturn the election results, but rather about trying to sway public opinion and get donations.

      It’s my opinion that the people who think there was some kind of massive election fraud only believe it because they hang on every word the President says. They treat his claims as if they’re somehow gospel.

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  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Republicans are simply complacent in the harm that Trump and his administration have (and continue to) caused. They largely remain complacent as he tries to burn our democratic institutions to the ground in a fit of spite. Elected Republican are more concerned about a mean tweet that might rouse the ire of his base than they are about America itself.

    This is truly a sad time in American history.

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