15 thoughts on “Gun Control Via Parkland Students

  1. March for Our Lives is calling for a mandatory buyback of all assault weapons and a voluntary buyback of handguns and other firearms.

    And there are some people who think it will snow over Christmas down here in South Africa.

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    • You’re probably right. But maybe … just MAYBE … this will continue to stir the pot. And maybe … just MAYBE … at some point in the not TOO distant future, we’ll have a group of people in the administration who recognize the seriousness of the problem and will take SOME kind of remedial action.

      Hope springs eternal.

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  2. I honestly wish these people, and all people who are against gun violence of any kind all the luck in the world to make some kind of change, even though my wishing them luck will be as effective as some christian sending the victims of gun violence their “thoughts and prayers.”
    The negativity of people who believe change cannot be made makes me furious, change will never be made if you don’t even try. If you don’t want change, say it. but if you merely believe change cannot be made, you are feeding into never changing anything.

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  3. Change is not only possible, it is probable. We must have young people, women, African-Americans, other minorities vote in 2020. When they do the NRA, the gun manufacturers and sellers lobby, will not be out spent but will be outvoted. Our school children won’t be purchasing bulletproof back packs but rather being educated. Our elected offices will have many new faces and then so will our courts.

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  4. These kids are fearless. I love the proposals. I know the chances are slim and none that any of it becomes law, but at least they’re trying. If these things were in fact passed into law I have no doubt that it would make a huge difference. It sucks we can’t even get to universal background checks…..ughhhhh


    • I agree about the kids! They put many adults to shame with their perseverance and dedication. And their proposals are SOLID … not just fluff. But, like you said, chances are slim. Regrettably.

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      • I’d like to think if Dems were to ever win a filibuster proof majority in the Senate, and take the presidency and the House, we might have a chance. That will be a heavy lift however. Pretty sad that’s what it would take. The R’s are truly out of step and out of the mainstream. They must be voted out!

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  5. Getting this passed into law would be the easy part.

    A “mandatory buyback” effectively means confiscation. Bans on ownership of certain kinds of guns would also require some program of taking them away from people who currently own them, if it were to be meaningful. If the license requirement were made retroactive, that too would require a plan for removing guns from people who refused to submit to the licensing process.

    There are about 100 million gun owners in the country. Even assuming only half of them refuse to cooperate, that’s 50 million. The total number of police and military personnel in the US is probably no more than one or two million. Assume each raid on a gun-owning household to enforce these rules and confiscate guns which had become illegal under them results in one or two police/soldiers getting shot (probably a conservative estimate). The government would run out of enforcers before it had done more than scratch the surface of the problem.

    We need to stop thinking that simply passing a law mandating something magically means that that something becomes reality. If that were the case, nobody would have drunk alcohol during Prohibition and nobody would have used marijuana before the recent legalization movement.

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  6. Reblogged this on David's Blog and commented:
    If we can disable a cell phone , then we should certainly be able to shut down ANY firearm that finds its way near any school, hospital, or any other protected place?

    If we can disable a cell phone, then we should certainly be able to create/write legislation that puts laws in place whereby only firearms that can be disabled can be manufactured and sold since they have the ability to kill another human being! Common Sense!

    Please check out http://www.smartfirearmsafety.com and please help me spread the word. I really could use as much help as possible by bloggers, writers, and influencer’s. We need gun control or these mass shootings are only going to continue and so will other forms of avoidable accidents. We need new legislation written to ensure that weapons are built that include technology to ensure that if a child ever picks it up, because they are curious, it CANNOT be activated and it CANNOT FIRE. Further, if that firearm ever makes its way near a school, hospital, no gun allowed work area, park, etc… then the firearm itself, will automatically disable itself and is rendered inoperable because of its geographical location.

    My email is david@smartfirearmsafety.com and I would love to have you help spreading the word to help make/force the gun manufacturers to change the ways they design and build all firearms. New firearms need to include facial recognition and finger print verification software to ensure that only the registered owner can activate it, just like a cell phone. If a child ever picks it up, It simply CANNOT be fired. We need all future firearms equipped with real-time GPS technology so there location is known by the authorities at all times. They will be programmed to automatically deactivate themselves if they are ever in a protected areas defined by local and federal law enforcement. The New Smart Firearm needs to notify the authorities every single time it is fired so that help can be on the way soon and so that the authorities can disable the firearm, if needed, with the simple push of a button. We simply give, current gun owners, 6 months perhaps, to have their guns upgraded to include these technologies and if they do not, then they will be destroyed.

    Would Love Your Help In Spreading The Word. Smart Firearms are better than dumb firearms because they can be told who can use them and where they can be used.



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