“Praise the Lord”

A few minutes ago I read a posting on FB about a car accident that happened yesterday a few miles from where I live. Several people posted comments, most of them saying they hoped the involved parties were OK (as it turns out, one person got a couple of cracked ribs).

One of the last commenters wrote: “Praise the Lord.”

I wanted so badly to respond and ask whether the “Lord” should be praised for allowing the accident to happen or because someone was hurt …
(In case you’re wondering, I held myself in check.)



5 thoughts on ““Praise the Lord”

  1. OH, my Nan. How our worlds intersect. Just last week, someone on my Noseybook came on praying for a young family, who had a 3-yr-old in the hospital in the city with a life-threatening illness. She was enlisting people to pray for this family – which, of course, all the commenters did. I was SO tempted to comment, saying the same thing you said – “Wonder why god struck down an innocent 3-yr-old in the first place?” I also wanted to suggest that two of my children also had to go to this same popular hospital, which is well-known for attracting the brightest, most dedicated specialists and nurses and that it would be THAT fact that would probably be responsible for the child’s prognosis. But you know, god forbid that anyone should put forth a practical, reasonable suggestion in troubling times.

    I know, I know, I’m just a cynical ‘witch with a B’. .. just makes me shake my head.


    • “Noseybook,” huh? LOVE IT!

      Yeah, there’s been more times than one that I’ve had to bite my tongue (grip my mouse) to keep from saying what I’m really thinking! Little do these people know how much restraint we have! 😉


  2. In case you’re wondering, I held myself in check.)” – in case you’d like to share the URL, I gave up that kind of resolve for Lent —


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