Mirror Reflections

Have you ever noticed during movies that individuals often study themselves in the mirror when they’re in a stressful situation?

Do YOU ever do the same?

  • Perhaps you have a life-altering decision to make, so you “study yourself” in the mirror.
  • Or perhaps you have said or done something hurtful to a loved one, so you “share regret with yourself” in the mirror.
  • Or possibly you are suffering from a severe illness, so you “ask yourself” how you will face the potential consequences.

In other words, in these moments of self-observation, you are not pondering your “looks,” but rather you are examining YOU.

Have you ever wondered why we do this? Do we “see something” in our reflection that simple thoughts cannot reveal?

Inquiring minds want to know.

16 thoughts on “Mirror Reflections

  1. I have never looked in a mirror to see who I really am. I look inside my head, the view is much more real, and I cannot look away, even if I want to.
    Look for an email from me today, Nan. I expect it to be a glassless window, as clear as I can make it.

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  2. It is quite the curiosity to look back into what is looking out. A bit like in a drama when the actor looks directly into the camera, a quick change in character that this isn’t acting any longer, but real. Maybe that’s why the selfie is so addicting to our youth?


  3. I’ve tried, but we always have an argument.

    I agree with Shira and rawgod. I have enough stuff looking back at me without a mirror.


  4. I look in the mirror and talk to myself, often abusively, but then I realise how stupid this is and try to justify it such as due to the fact the cat had rudely walked off mid conversation….

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  5. I don’t know who that old man is, or what he as done with the real me.

    I have had a few young folks (in their 30s/40s), after they know my age, compliment me (ego inflation) and ask the secret of my “youthful” appearance. I have looked in the mirror wondering what it is they been smokin’. I don’t care if they were lying, I’ll take it. 🙂

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  6. ‘Bout the only time I look in the mirror is when I’m shaving, or tweezing that long hair out of my nose (Where the hell did that come from? It wasn’t there the other day!)

    When I have the need for introspection, a mirror is not really useful, not for me. Maybe, for a moment, but no longer.

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    • From the comments thus far, it seems that few people have that “need for introspection” like the folks I’ve seen in movies.

      Nevertheless, I can’t imagine that it isn’t something everyone has done at one time or another. Maybe not stand and stare, but just for a few moments during a stressful time. Like maybe we’re hoping that “person” in the mirror might have an answer.

      Or maybe I’m just too wacky for my own good!


      • I have looked in the mirror and had a word or two with myself, usually ending along the lines of saying “you dumbass!” before I walked away. But really, no desire to just stand there and keep up the conversation lol. I can do that in my head. 🙂

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