Preach It, Sista’!

On one of Ben‘s recent blog posts, he had a real, true-to-life Christian visitor. You knew this because every comment she made included references to God or Jesus/Christ.

Something I find difficult to understand is when a Christian visits an Atheist’s blog, why do they feel the need to preach? Especially when nearly all the posts are clearly laying out the reasons why the individual left Christianity!

Anyway, here for your reading enjoyment(?) is your religious experience for the week. No need to sit on a hard pew or take communion or get callouses on your knees.

It’s makes so sad that you’ve had such a hurtful experience with Christianity. I hope one day the whole body of Christ will actually be the body and walk as the body, talk as he talked and do as he did. Religion can be very damaging to many. I have not had this experience because I am in love with Jesus. I am absolutely amazed by him everyday. Following Jesus is hard, being different is hard, believing the impossible is hard and hearing your story is hard because it hurts my heart. I desire that you’d come to know the God I’ve come to know. Ben I think about you often and I do enjoy your posts you are talented and your thoughts are raw and real so thank you for sharing your self to all who read. I know your not trying to hurt faith you just don’t believe it and that’s your choice. You don’t offend me, who am I to be offended? it’s your story. I am listening and I care!

God sent his one and only son not religion so I’m not going to try to debate with you. I agree religion does harm but Jesus does not. That’s what I’ve experienced he’s amazing!!! ❤️

My answer is there is not one God that gave his own life for me and everyone else but Jesus the lamb of God. While everyone else can have there own beliefs and I respect that the God they believe in did not come in the flesh and die for me. Jesus did and I will proclaim his name till the end of my days!!

I am not trying to get it right I am right with God because I know and believe in his son and what he’s done for me. I am not trying to be good I am through Christ and his sacrifice. I don’t need anything else but Jesus. I don’t care if everyone else wants to follows the rules but I am going to keep my faith in what he’s done for me. He came in the flesh and died and if that’s not enough to believe then I’m not sure what is. My answer is my faith he is my love he’s changed me from the inside out. Now I will live my life for him.

Jesus is a gift and is available to all. I can’t explain faith to someone who doesn’t really care to know but only wants to prove a point. Pray and ask God for yourself he’s waiting to have a relationship with you.

There was more, but for now this is the …

End. Of. Sermon.

38 thoughts on “Preach It, Sista’!

  1. I wonder if our preacher will show up here?

    Sometimes, when preachers are showing up on blogs like ours, I think it’s because they are trying to shore up their own failing belief. They desperately want to hang on to it, so they think if they can come persuade the “heathens”, then they can persuade themselves. But they have no idea that their audience has been in exactly the same boat they are, and that we are the worst people to be talking to, if they want to hang on to their “faith”. And later they realize that they really don’t believe any more, and find themselves on our side. I’ve seen it happen before, especially on ex-christian.

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  2. I don’t know why. I DO know that I become really annoyed with people who post their individual religious beliefs on anything I write. It is the holier than thou crap I really object to, the condescension of the writers for those who “don’t have the adoration of Jesus that I do”. it’s a sort of back-handed you must believe sort of comment.

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  3. Amen. That was a barrage and a half and it must be my senility kicking in but I swear she had a go at god in preference to his son Jesus, a lamb or something.
    I do wonder when she says he came in the flesh and died, and if that’s not enough to believe in then she wonders what is. If Aesop had been putting pen to paper back then would we be expected to believe that the hare and the tortoise conversed before racing. After all someone wrote about it 2 thousand years ago so it must be true.
    Jesus may have existed though there are no Jewish or Roman records to confirm this, but if he did I quite like his teachings as a way to live. Not the way subsequent people took it over to rule the masses.I saw nothing Christian in the slaughter of the Saracens, the Cathars or the Knights Templar.
    Huge Hugs

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  4. Sermon? Propagandization!
    In all that, she manages to say nothing but she has faith in Jesus, and that gives her faith the rest of can have what she has. The question is, do any of us want what she has? It sounds rather dangerous to me.
    When she says “believing the impossible is hard” she misses her own mark! She knows it is impossible, but she believes anyway. Sounds rather illogical to me. But believing in Jesus, son of god, is like believing in Trump, son of greed. Impossible! Yet so many are willing to do it! It is more than illogical, it is heartbreaking!
    Whoever she is, I am glad she is happy. Happy people are generally not destroyers (unless their name is Trump). I rename her Jesus’ Trumpet.

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    • But deluded happy people sometimes vote for destroyers. And then look the other way and pretend the bad stuff they enabled isn’t happening, so they can stay happy.

      I think I’d prefer she be a little less happy, and have a better grip on reality instead.

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      • Ah, you want her to have a better grip on your reality. Very noble of you, but a little authoritative, wouldn’t you say.
        She seems to have a very good grip on her own reality, which is what makes her happy. Too happy to even vote on voting day, so I hope..

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        • I was actually joking, but after rereading both our answers, she is still going to believe in her reality, because she doesn’t know any different, and certainly is not ready to try. So why condemn her? As long as you don’t discuss your realities, you are equal. Isn’t that a better foot to stand on?

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  5. All that is required Nan is “Faith” and that personal, intimate “relationship” with something/someone she REALLY doesn’t know… nor can she give testimony with all of her God’s omniscience and omnipotence. Simple, right? 😉

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    • Btw, those types of perceived realities came and went every month at the Psych/A&D rehab hospital I worked at assessing the refined diagnosis and possible/probable treatment plan. I swear, there are only a few small degrees of difference between THIS world and some other “they” talk about, but cannot manifest.

      Well, that is manifest while they are properly taking their meds or following their treatment plan. 😉

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  6. Chiming in as yes, a Christian, I think there is often a temptation to try to “defend the faith” in any way possible. I admit to certainly having that temptation, and giving in to it on occasion. Many of us are taught to spread the faith to those who don’t currently have it, and try to have the faith reach those who are “lost.” But seldom are many of us taught to simply listen and read and take in and learn.

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    • In this country, adults are free to make their own choice as to whether or not they wish to be a Christian. To “preach” on an atheist’s blog is foolishness and is highly unlikely to convert anyone. Especially when that atheist has already been there, done that.

      If Christians truly want to convert others to their faith, they will have far better results by talking — in person — with someone who has asked questions and/or indicated interest.

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  7. Nan: “Something I find difficult to understand is when a Christian visits an Atheist’s blog, why do they feel the need to preach?”

    Zoe: I believe if not mistaken she said God led her to Ben.

    #1. She believes. Doesn’t matter how or why, she starts with belief in God.

    #2. She believes in the Bible as God’s word.

    #3. Jesus

    #4. Saved her.

    #5. Father God, Jesus, Holy Spirit.

    #6. Power – Triune God’s power

    #7. She heard from God.

    #8. Obedience – she obeys.

    #9. Into the world she goes to preach the gospel

    #10. It’s Jesus who saves, not her. Her quest is to be led, obey and let the words she speaks into existence exist and God will do the rest. If he can save her, he can save anyone.

    Leave at that for now.

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    • Yes, she did say that. But the response to her “preaching” has not been favorable, so perhaps it’s time that she heeded the words in Matthew … If no one welcomes you or listens to your words, as you leave that house or town, shake its dust off your feet.

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        • You’re probably correct. Since we’re all sinners who need saving … and since we naturally resist (because we’re controlled by “dark forces”) … it’s necessary for the Christian to share her/his faith/experiences in order for us to “see the light.” Yes?

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        • 🙂 My former blog (as a Christian) was titled A Complicated Salvation. It’s complicated the farther one goes into the explanation.

          Yes re: all sinners . . . who need saving.
          Yes re: dark forces.

          Basically, yes. For some it’s almost untenable not to share. There is an overwhelming trust that to share is the thing to do, especially when one claims God sent them. To not do so is disobedience -> sin.

          I believe there is also a sense that because “God told her” that in the long run it’s going to work out for Ben. He will return to the fold at some point in time. She rests in the knowledge/belief that she’s obeyed, God will do his work, Jesus will save, otherwise, why would God send her?

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  8. Her only evidence is the Bible. Exodus 21 anybody? It like Chinese handcuffs only worse. Hell the entire book is primitive imaginings of the origins of everything. Nothing of any use beyond the known universe of the times they were written. No more insight to the betterment of the human condition than the literature of any religion.
    Ask her what kind of mind demands to be worshiped for doing what comes naturally and why should anyone feel compelled to be subservient to a benevolent benefactor, forever? Just say’n.

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  9. I am of the thought that if you have a public forum such as theists and varied non-believers do, the right to comment is obviously open to whoever reads the blog and wants to comment. I often comment on theist blogs if they are preaching about atheism, secular issues, LGBQ discrimination etc. I do sometimes get bogged down with Biblical stories and myths or fire the truth to them about where their God actually does reside.

    What actually amazes me the most is how the brain can make complete fools out of people who are mostly rational humans. How these people can fall in love with an invention of the mind as this lady has. How the brain can take someone completely out of reality and into a supernatural world of what is “feel good” and this fantasy is passed on from one generation to the next. Indoctrination is called the holy spirit for them, much like a mind altering drug and equally as hard to give up.

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  10. I’m sick and tired of religious people and especially their push to say how special and wonderful they are ..oh yeah and blessed. Give me a break!

    If they had one iota of intelligence and forward logical thinking and truly understood just how vast our universe is and how extremely insignificant, not only our planet, but the entire galaxy is, and how life…any life, is a just a great cycle of existence, death, decay…. maybe they’d get some sense. But don’t count on it.

    After all their god helps them find keys and win football games, while tens of thousands starve, cancer ravishes many, while all those silly prayers do nothing.

    It’s all beyond ridiculousness…weak people who cannot function on their own and cannot see reality as it is.

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  11. I think this post by Bruce Gerencser (former Baptist pastor, now atheist) is enlightening. He argues that the function of obnoxious preaching isn’t to convert people, but to strengthen the religious person’s loyalty to their religion. By provoking rejection — the angrier the better — the person doing the preaching has his or her feelings of superiority and separateness from the secular world reinforced. This creates psychological satisfaction linked to membership in the religious group. Remember, these are people who relish being able to tell themselves they’re being persecuted. It makes them feel virtuous.

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    • I think this post by Bruce Gerencser (former Baptist pastor, now atheist) is enlightening. He argues that the function of obnoxious preaching isn’t to convert people, but to strengthen the religious person’s loyalty to their religion.

      And that’s pretty much what Donald Trump is doing, with respect to the religion of white supremacism.

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