A Reblog: Hypocritical Excuses

From the posting:

The thinking is that these refugees might contain some wolves in sheep’s clothing, and that by welcoming all of these people into our borders, we’re inviting danger into our midst.

But are we? Well worth a read.


One thought on “A Reblog: Hypocritical Excuses

  1. As a Canadian whose country is getting ready to absorb 25,000 Syrian refugees in the next six weeks, I am deeply disappointed and saddened by the groundswell of American hypocrisy against these fellow human beings in need. If we needed to kill them all, I’m sure the Americans would be first in setting the example how best to accomplish this.

    Much of the anti-immigration sentiment appeals to the very worst in us so it’s really no surprise that religious-inspired fear of the out group and ignorance about the root causes of violent jihad would help lead this charge. SB is quite right to point out the religious hypocrisy of Christians who take this viewpoint and withhold such charity but his misunderstanding of what kind of ‘terrorism’ is supposedly being averted by this refusal is also very much a root cause of the problem itself – one shared by far more than just the hypocritical Christian.

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