Because … God

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Many Christians respond to questions about their faith with the above phrase. For them, it is the ultimate answer … the end-all, be-all response.

But for those who do not believe in “God,” it carries no weight.

Other Christians use “Scripture” to defend their faith.

But for those who do not believe in the sacredness of the bible, the words hold no meaning.

Numerous Christians will “testify” of miraculous changes in their life to validate their belief.

But for those who place no weight in personal experiences, these testimonies are worthless.

Some Christians will point to the universe and claim it all bespeaks of a “Grand Creator.”

But for those who feel science offers a more valid explanation, this claim is null.


So I’d like to ask this question of my Christian followers … why? Why do you, as a dedicated, “born-again” believer continue to peddle your goods to non-believers?

Do you, in your heart of hearts, truly believe something you say or write will change a life? And if so, why?