Sarah Palin-Behind the Scenes

For those who think Sarah Palin is the cat’s meow, I urge you to read Chapter 22 of “Game Change” by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin (available at most libraries).

The book is an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at what went on in the Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain camps during the 2008 presidential campaign.

The authors tell how Sarah was picked as McCain’s VP running mate and what happened as she prepared to fill her role in the campaign. If you can read the chapter with an open mind, I think you will find it very revealing.

As I’ve said all along, Sarah is a beauty queen who loves being in the spotlight. She has learned the art of saying just what people want to hear — and has raked in millions of dollars doing it. But as a presidential candidate? God forbid! Winks, lipstick, and cute aphorisms may win the hearts of her fans, but it takes a great deal more than that to run a country. And she’s greatly lacking in that department.

Don’t believe me? Put aside some time to visit your local library and read the chapter.

P.S. If she ever were to become president, what guarantee would we have she wouldn’t quit after a few months on the job?

Sarah Palin is Such a Twit

If Sarah Palin ever said anything of substance, she might actually show signs of intelligence. As it is, it’s painfully obvious that she’s relying heavily on the help she receives from her speech writers and a teleprompter.

Her interview with Katie Couric embarrassed even me.

It seems more and more obvious that the reason Sarah Palin, the former beauty queen, accepted the invitation to be a vice-presidential candidate is because she wanted the fame, the glamour, and the adulation … because she certainly doesn’t know anything about running a country.

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