“Things Worth Fighting For”


Today, in a direct email message to me from “tildeb,” was a link to an article that he encouraged me to read. Knowing that I don’t always agree with tildeb’s outlook on things, I was hesitant and approached it (I admit) with a bit of (well, maybe more than a bit) preconception.

I was (more than) pleasantly surprised.

The article is about Ukraine … yet even more so, it is about US, as in the U.S.

It is VERY long — much longer than I ordinarily care to read — but I found myself reading every word and being drawn into the next thought offered by the writer.

I hope and trust each of you will have this same experience.

I want to acknowledge one line in the article that, to me, speaks volumes. And if we — as in all of us — can ever bring these words to bear upon each of our lives, I think we will all be the better for it.

We are bound together not by clan or tribe but by a commitment to rights and principles. 


Image by David Englund from Pixabay

The Ukraine Crisis


In her latest newsletter, Heather asks a question related to the Ukraine crisis that I thought would be interesting to ask as a standalone to see how my readers would respond.

Prior to her question, she wrote about how in 2019, Trump tried to skew the 2020 election by withholding congressionally appropriated funding for Ukraine to support its defense against Russia — and how Republican senators declined to convict him of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

With this background in mind, she mused about how the Republican Party will respond to the Ukraine crisis.

She then went on to ask this question …

And how will America as a whole respond?

What are your thoughts? IF Putin does carry forward his plans to invade Ukraine, what do you think America should do? Biden talks about sanctions, but will this be enough? Many feel it will be. Or should the U.S. demonstrate its military power?

Let me add that I’m a neophyte when it comes to world crises … and can only sit back and watch what happens. Sure, I might have an opinion (like I tend to agree with some others that Russia is bluffing), but I definitely have no background, knowledge, education, or training to offer an informed opinion.

But I think some of YOU can. I think some of you have followed this crisis from the start and have some strong opinions on how it will play out.

So here’s your chance. Share your thoughts.

Image by Amber Clay from Pixabay