Fox-Haired Trump


I watched a portion of the White House Correspondents’ dinner presentation last night and thoroughly enjoyed all the Trump jokes. Not all were funny, but the very fact he was the butt of them warmed the cockles of my heart.

This morning I listened to him in a phone interview in which he responded to the jokes that had been made at his expense (he didn’t mind Obama’s all that much, but definitely didn’t like Seth Meyers’ barrage). Then, as is his custom when he ‘has the mike,’ he launched into a campaign speech about what he would do if elected president and how he would get the economy back on track.

Also, true to the Trump style, he blew his own horn about his ‘popularity’ in the eyes of the nation (“tremendous crowds show up” … “people by the hundreds of thousands”). Toot-toot! Oh and he didn’t fail to mention how proud he was of himself for the role he played in the ‘birther’ events.

Trump feels because he’s not a “traditional candidate,” (he’s a “business man”), he has an edge. He says the country needs people like him to come in and “stop the onslaught that is destroying this country.” I find this an interesting comment because of the many, many criticisms that were made about Obama not being “experienced” enough to be President. While his political background may not have been ‘enough’ in the dissenter’s eyes, “the Donald” has NONE! If elected president, he would be a disaster waiting to happen!

This guy may think he has all the answers, but there’s one very important thing he’s missing. Once a person gets into the White House and the special interests start yammering at him, everything changes. In my opinion, this is exactly what happened to Obama. I personally believe he meant what he said during his campaign and in his inauguration message, but once he got into the Oval Office, all his good intentions got swallowed up by the reality of politics (and all that entails).

Even if I don’t think much of Trump as a presidential candidate, his personal estimation of himself makes up for any negative feelings I (or anyone else) might have.