Has The Presidency Aged Trump?

You know the answer. I know the answer. Yet many, many people want to deny the answer. And many others simply ignore the question …

However, John Mixon on Quora had this to say when someone asked if the presidency has aged Trump:

Donald Trump was never known to be a towering intellect. However in the past few years his mental acuity has seriously degraded in public and on record. It’s frankly dishonest for anyone to claim that it hasn’t occurred as there are myriad instances which clearly and unambiguously demonstrate that it has.

What’s worse is that since Trump has not been truthful about his medical state, if he’s re-elected, the deterioration is going to continue and we may find ourselves with a POTUS who is barely able to function or even Mike Pence as POTUS which might be the same thing, or very similar. His age-related decline will be become a problem (and a potential danger) for everyone, not just him.

To ensure readers he isn’t exaggerating or even lying about Trump’s mental decline, John provided links to some media sources. I found the following two to be the most relevant:



And here are some additional links I came across that are also worth reading:



What’s so disturbing is that no one in Congress is doing anything about the situation. Instead, the focus has been on impeachment. But then I read in this article that removing Trump from office due to concerns about his mental acuity (a measure of the sharpness of the human mind) would be much more difficult that impeaching him.

So in the long run, if worse comes to worse, it seems our best option still resides in the 2020 election.

In closing, I just want everyone to remember the urgency of “Covfefe!”