Just for Trekkies

Courtesy of wallpapercave.com/star-trek-ships-wallpaper

One thing about visiting other blogs is that every so often someone either writes an “I just have to share this!” post … or an individual leaves a comment that literally jumps off the page at you.

Today, I came across the latter and couldn’t resist the urge to share. With the person’s permission, here is the comment left in response to Danica’s most recent post, What Is Humanism.

Humanists are equatable to Star Fleet and the Federation. Humans working together for the betterment of mankind, striving to attain personal greatness while at the same time working towards the goals of a peaceful and just society.

Religionists are equatable to the Borg. Working together around a small set of rules, conforming to the same theology and attempting to either destroy or assimilate anything that does not fit their dogmatic mold.

If you’re not a “Trekkie,” it’s doubtful you got the point of this comment.  But if you are one (as I am), then you immediately saw the (“spot-on”) comparison. 😀