Where Are You … Spiritually?


To many, this may seem to be a strange question. Let me explain. It was prompted by a recent blog post by Jim entitled Physics and Mysticism.

According to Jim, there is definitely a connection between the two and, as I interpret his remarks, he feels one “explains” the other. It’s all a bit deep, but it prompted the question I’ve asked in the title of this post.


I’ve found that most people that read/visit my blog are non-believers. They may be out-and-out atheists, or they may be “borderline.” That is, they haven’t completely dismissed the idea of a Supreme Being, but they don’t feel the need for attending religious services or carrying out any other religious obligations.

There is also a sprinkling of visitors who tend to reject the idea of “religion” altogether and speak more from a “mystic” point of view. (I recognize the term, in itself, is rather “mystical,” but those who identify with it will know what I mean.)

I guess what I’m actually asking is … how do YOU see the world? Is it all cut and dried? That is … We live. We die. Life moves on. Nothing to see here, folks.

Or do you view life as being more than meets the eye? That is, do you see yourself more as a “transcendental” being?

>>>P.S. I would prefer that individuals who identify as “Christian” refrain from commenting on this post. I know –and most of my regular visitors know– exactly where you’re coming from so anything you offer in response would be superfluous (and may be deleted). Thanks for your cooperation. 😊

Image by Nicolás Damián Visceglio from Pixabay