Ze Wall! Ze Wall!

Not everyone reading this post will remember the TV series, Fantasy Island (1977-1984), but for those who do, you will understand why I reworked its signature introduction for my title.

As most of us are aware, “THE WALL” has been an ongoing (and highly debated) promise of you-know-who. While the conjecture that Mexico was/is going to pay for it soon became irrelevant, the IDEA itself never completely faded away. It was simply replaced by the several hundred “other” things that have been part of this presidency (e.g., impeachment, COVID-19, etc.).

Unfortunately, all these more-pressing news items resulted in THE WALL slipping to the bottom basket of many news reporters. And this is a shame because this is what has been happening in the closing days of a president whose stubbornness is creating havoc at every turn:

Contractors Dynamite Mountains, Bulldoze Desert In Race to Build Trump’s Border Wall

As the NPR newsletter puts it:

Contractors are pulverizing the wilderness in southern Arizona to construct as much of President Trump’s U.S. border wall as possible before President-elect Joe Biden takes office. Builders are even dynamiting mountains — infuriating landowners and conservationists — as they plow through sensitive nature areas without regard to the work’s effects on wildlife.

I probably don’t need to say it, but the current leader of the U.S. has no scruples at all! The ONLY thing he cares about is remaining in power, no matter who or what it demolishes in the process.

I was particularly disturbed by this line of the article: they’re working all night long under light towers to meet Trump’s goal of 450 miles of new barriers before his term is over.”

The president of a land conservation group commented about what was happening: “As an American, I feel ashamed.” I totally agree.