Men and Women and Sex

Regarding the recent plethora of news reports surrounding sexual misconduct, I just wanted to put this out there. Let me be clear. I’m speaking from my own personal viewpoint as a woman. You have full rights to agree or disagree.

I feel strongly that ANY kind of sexual advancement made towards a woman without either verbal or physical encouragement is WRONG.

As to whether the man who performed such acts is famous or infamous, whether it happened two years ago or twenty … it should NOT be overlooked and pushed under the rug.

There are innumerable reasons why women keep silent about such incidents and using “elapsed time” should NEVER be a “defense” for the perpetrator.

Innocent until proven guilty is a fine standard to live by. But in the case of sexual misconduct against a woman, IMO, the scales are tipped on the woman’s side. Yes, there are women who may “tease” men and lead them on in various flirty ways, but if the woman discovers the man is not what she expected (rough, brutal, demanding, kinky, etc.), then her “NO” has no less meaning than if she had never done or said anything unseemly.

Further, any woman who continues to support a man accused of such acts, or looks the other way because she’s “related” in some way, is a traitor to her own sex.