And a Child Shall Lead Us?

Watched the Republican Debate last night and could not believe how childish these men, who claim they are POTUS material (!), behaved. tRump (surprise-surprise) was the worst! Out of the entire time, only two or three of his comments made any sense (tRump sense, that is). The majority of the time he was attacking (and interrupting) his fellow candidates.

(Picture this scenario: tRump meets with an important foreign leader. The leader says something tRump disagrees with. He rudely interrupts to tell him how wrong he is (“Excuse me … excuse me”). The dignitary tries to explain his position but tRump will have none of it because HIS perspective is the only right one. Can you say World War III?)

And the bickering between Cruz and Rubio wasn’t much better!

Glenn Beck (whom I cannot stand, but must agree with in this instance) said this about the debate:

Tonight’s debate is the most uncomfortable, angry, hate-filled 2 hours I have ever experienced.”

He went on to say this was “not a presidential debate,” but “a combination of WWE, a cheap game show and the worst of Jerry Springer.”


Yet, for all his theatrics, tRump’s hard-core supporters will never leave him. And that is downright scary!

One of the primary reasons I watch these Repug debates (besides the entertainment factor) is to see which of the candidates I might be able to “live with” should a Repug happen to win the election (Thor forbid!). Of course, the worst scenario would be tRump, but I cringe (and even get a little sick to my stomach) when I consider Cruz (God’s Special Choice). And Rubio or Bush are no better.

Kasich has a more tempered approach in that he urges cooperation, but while his platform has merit, he’s still a Repug. Further, it’s obvious from the polls that he’s not “showy” enough to garner much support. And the doctor? He’s a no-brainer.

All I can say at this point is “Feel the Bern!”