Life: It Is What It Is


There’s no denying that there’s both good and bad in this world (Note that I didn’t use the term “evil”).

We know there are people who commit loathsome deeds against other humans that raise the hair on the back of our necks. Yet on the other end of the spectrum, we also know of untold numbers who step in to help a person in need — many times putting their own lives in danger.

We recognize that some people suffer from severe physical maladies and handicaps, while others enjoy almost perfect health and only rarely experience any kind of physical ailment.

We are aware of folks that fight daily battles with mental issues (often as a result of damaged childhoods), yet we also know of others who always have a smile and seem to enjoy a nearly carefree life.

Each of these examples are simply illustrations of life as a human being. NONE of them have ANYTHING to do with whether there is a good or evil force in the world.

Yet there are untold numbers of people who are CERTAIN there are two opposing powers battling for control of our lives.

Within the Christian community (of which I am the most familiar), these powers are known as “God” and “Satan.” All that is “good” is identified with the former and all that is “bad” (evil) is laid at the feet of the latter.

Thing is … no one knows for sure if either of these entities even exist. Believers will swear to and/or voraciously argue for the actuality of either or both, yet NO PROOF of their existence has ever been established by any creditable means. (However, this doesn’t stop them from trying!)

The most common way these folk offer “proof” is by referencing a collection of VERY old (we’re talking ancient!) stories that have been passed down over many CENTURIES. Stories they are convinced (by what source?) are totally true and (verifiably?) accurate.

A second method they use is physical – as in they feeeel a presence in their hearts (?) – and they are certain this feeeeling is connected to some supernatural entity that exists … where?

Nevertheless, all this devotion to and belief in a hypothetical source doesn’t change the undeniable fact that humans (all of us) are going to commit good and bad deeds in life.

It also does not change the fact that some people who are ill are going to get better and some aren’t. Nor does it change the fact that some folk are going to commit unspeakable acts against their fellow humans while others are going to devote their life to helping the sick, the dying, the poor, the mistreated … and any others who need help.


We live … we die. And all that happens between those two events is OUR responsibility. To lay it on an entity who has never offered evidence/proof/validation that it even exists is, at best, foolish.

At worst, it’s living this life as though you are a participant in a children’s story – one that involves a wondrous force, special beings, and improbable events. All in hopes of experiencing a (very unrealistic) “happy ending.”

Image by John Hain from Pixabay