Lies, Insults, and BS

I hate to admit it, but I’m getting more and more depressed with each passing day. I know there are things afoot that may (or may not) finally move our Infamous Leader out of our immediate consciousness, but the process is soooo slow. Having to put up with him and all his braggadocio, lies, insults, racism, and pure bullshit is wearing me down.

No matter how hard I try to consider his actions and his words in the same light as his supporters, I’m simply unable to do so. In fact, I oftentimes wonder if they seriously think about some of the things he says and does … or are they so totally indoctrinated by their political leanings that “it’s all good.”

If I were a praying person, I’d be asking whatever god had the power to please, please, please take away this guy … one way or another. No, I’m not advocating the “ultimate end,” but something … anything … to get him out of power.

And in case anyone thinks otherwise — no, I definitely would not be thrilled with the would-be replacement. But at least he knows how to act and talk like an adult. We’d simply have to cross our fingers and hope his intolerable beliefs wouldn’t be acted on and approved before the 2020 elections.

Actually, if the situation with No. Korea is “handled” (as has been promised by our illustrious leader), we may not have to suffer much longer …


Finally! A Win!

Courtesy CNN Politics

Ordinarily, I would just reblog the following post, but it’s so relevant, so timely, so “right-on,” that I decided to copy it word-for-word to ensure every visitor to my blog reads the whole kit and kaboodle.  If you want to comment on the direct post, you can click here.

“How am I doing? Am I doing OK? I’m president. Hey, I’m president.” – Donald Trump in the Rose Garden after the health care vote

Finally, Donald Trump got a win! That’s right Mr. and Mrs. Deplorable your President finally fulfilled a campaign promise in Congress yesterday, he repealed and replaced (cue the sinister music) OBAMACARE! Then he took his new friends, the Republican congress men and women that represent you Mr. and Mrs. Deplorable to the Rose Garden so they could all high-five, sing Kumbaya, and have their picture taken which will become a 5 x 7 they put in cheap frame from Walgreen’s and place prominently on their desks at the capital and at their home. They will probably send one to their mothers too.

So what did you get Mr. and Mrs. Deplorable? What is so great about Trumpcare? What will Trumpcare do that (cue the sinister music) OBAMACARE couldn’t? Here is something fun you can do, call your Republican Congressman or Congresswoman and ask them that question. Better yet, start with these questions, “Congressman ______________, did you read the Trumpcare bill before you voted for it?” The next thing you need to ask them, “Congresswoman ______________, what was the CBO score of the Trumpcare bill you just voted for?” 

Let’s be very clear, Obamacare wasn’t perfect but it filled a very important hole in the marketplace. And rather than fix the broken parts your President convinced you, Mr. and Mrs. Deplorable, that it was a flawed planned because of one reason and one reason only, the name, (cue the sinister music) OBAMACARE!

So who will Trumcare benefit the most?

  1. High-income earners
  2. Upper-middle-class people without pre-existing health conditions
  3. Young, middle-class people without pre-existing health conditions
  4. People who wish to go without insurance
  5. People who want less comprehensive health coverage
  6. Large employers

Where do you fit into this list Mr. and Mrs. Deplorable? Will you remember how your representative voted when they are running for reelection in 2018? You will if you have a pre-existing health condition or are on Medicaid or Medicare.

Let’s hope the Senate can stop this reckless bill. I am not happy with the President you elected Mr. and Mrs. Deplorable but I don’t want you to pay for your boneheaded vote with your health either.