Question for Deconverts

ThinkingThis post is a bit different — no ranting. 😉 I’d just like some feedback from those of you who have left the faith on something that’s going on with me.

Life-long non-believers won’t really be able to answer my question, but of course, you’re welcome to add any input you might have.


When I was a Christian and wanted something really bad to happen in my life, I always “prayed” and asked God to grant the desire of my heart. Sometimes (often) this meant “praying” a LOT in hopes of getting the answer I sought.

Occasionally, it felt like the prayer was “answered,” but more often things just continued to happen as they do in life and eventually the request, and the hoped-for response, was simply absorbed into everyday living.


In my current life as a non-believer, I have something I really, really want (yea, need) to happen … but so far (even though I’ve done all the things I need to do to help things along), it hasn’t come to pass.

You probably know the saying “Old habits die hard,” and sure enough, I’ve actually found myself feeling the “urge” to ask someone/something (the universe?) for help in making this event become reality.

So, my question is this:

As someone who has left the faith and accepted/recognized that prayers to a non-entity are a waste of time, what have YOU done when in this type of situation?


P.S. This is not a medical emergency or anything like that.