Good Question

A local newscast reported many people affected by the mudslide in Washington State (3/22/14) attended church this past Sunday. Those who already knew the fate of their loved ones were most likely looking for solace and comfort. Those who are still awaiting news most certainly were praying for a miracle.

But it was also reported that one individual asked this probing question: “Where is God in all this?”



“Thank God”

OMG! I just read this comment on another blog and couldn’t resist sharing it:

Personally, I think my sister’s rant said it best. Her husband (evangelical) said after a major ugly storm that took down a pile of trees that missed the house: “It’s a miracle! God really took care of us today!” She stares at him with her jaw dropped, then says: “Excuse me? Who SENT this weather? If a tree landed on the house, but didn’t cause much damage, it would be, ‘Wow, God kept us safe.’ If the tree took half the roof, you’d say, ‘Wow, at least God kept us safe!’ If the tree had smushed me, you’d say, ‘Well, it was just her time – she’s with God now.’ If the tree had smushed YOU, I guess I’d be saying, ‘Thank God.’”