Do You Love the U.S.A.?

If your answer is YES, then I implore you to read and think about the following excerpt from Robert A. Vella’s blog post.

Another mass shooting has struck an American school, this one near the site of an even worse mass shooting at a school.  Meanwhile America’s president is waging a multi-front war against all comers.  Donald Trump is waging a political war against the U.S. House of Representatives because the Democrats who control that legislative body are attempting to perform their constitutional duty to conduct oversight of his thoroughly corrupt administration.  He is waging a propaganda war against journalists in the news media who dare to investigate his shady past and behavior in the White House.  Trump is waging an ill-conceived economic war against China which threatens to undermine not only the U.S. economy but also the world economy.  He is on the verge of waging an incredibly dangerous military war against Iran simply because his despotic allies wish it.  And, Trump is waging an ethnic war against migrants and asylum-seekers who have committed no more serious offense than wanting to escape the destitution and violence of their native countries.

These ongoing shootings, the depravity of President Trump, and many other worrisome trends, are symptoms of the demise of a once-great nation.  America is at war with itself.  It has lost its moral compass, its appreciation of the importance between discerning right and wrong, and the ability to correct itself.  Its leaders have failed, and its people have fallen into primitiveness.

As long as Americans fight tribe against tribe, so long will they be a little people, a silly people, greedy, barbarous and cruel.

If I wasn’t a U.S. citizen whose life is dependent upon the health of my country, I might be inclined to wish for America’s end to come quickly.  The American people as a whole deserve neither admiration nor sympathy, for we have collectively abrogated our responsibility to uphold and defend the constitutional principles which our nation was founded on.

What is happening to this country under the current leadership is not only appalling but downright scary! Each and every day brings a new crisis. And few, if any, are resolved before the next one takes its place. It is a three-ring circus that never leaves town.

I realize there are those who are convinced the U.S. is better off under the current POTUS. For whatever reason, they believe he can do no wrong and they back every action he has taken. All I can say is … I hope you’re right. Because if you aren’t, every single individual who calls this nation home is eventually going to suffer.