The Presence of Life


Someone on another blog recently made this comment about potential life in the Universe …

[T]here are billions of planets, the likelihood that at least one will have conditions capable of giving rise to life is good. Indeed, the sheer enormity of numbers makes it highly probable.

Do you agree with this reasoning? Why or why not?

Just as an FYI, I do not agree. I feel life on this planet was a chance event. I do realize this is not the common thinking by some individuals of the scientific bent (as indicated in the above quote); however, considering the size and composition of the universe discovered thus far, I find it next-to-impossible that “life” —as we know it— is a common, or even an inevitable, occurrence.

There are those who have advanced the theory that “non-intelligent” life may be possible (I’m not going to touch that description), but as one source noted:  Observing signs of possible microbial life in exoplanet atmospheres is currently just out of reach. 

So I ask again … do you agree with the above-quoted comment? Why or why not? And if you agree, I hope you will offer some thoughts on whether you think the life might be humanoid … and if it is, does it know “God”??? 😈

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay