You, the Virus, and the Mask

I am not a young chickadee. In fact, I have probably spent more days on this planet than many of my regular readers. Yes, even some of you “oldies.” I only tell you this because I want you to know that I am one of those who could very well fall ill to the coronavirus known as COVID-19. Fortunately, I’m healthy and have no underlying conditions that would make me especially susceptible, but nevertheless, I do fall into the “potential” range.

This is why it frustrates and angers me when I read complaints related to the suggested restrictions (e.g., social distancing, shelter-in-place) for preventing the spread of this virus. I’m not as worried about me as I am for people (like my other-half) who DO suffer from various ailments and would most surely die if they contract the virus.

There’s no denying that we humans want to do what we want to do … when and how we want to do it. It’s part of our nature to resist outside encroachment in our lives. (The actions of any two-year-old clearly demonstrate this.) However, most of us have recognized that laws and restrictions are put into place for our benefit so we tend to accept and follow them. Admittedly, not always — but as a general rule.

As related to the current situation, when severe illness and even death could be as close as another person’s cough or sneeze, some have adamantly declared that THEY don’t need to wear no stinkin’ mask! They’re young! They’re healthy! They’re special!

However, what many fail to overlook (or ignore) is this virus could be in your system, even though you haven’t experienced any symptoms. This means whenever you are in a public area and you cough or sneeze … or even speak since spittle can hang in the air … you are potentially spreading the virus. And when you happen to encounter a person who, for various health reasons, is unable to wear a mask, you have just exposed them to the virus. Yet you walk away with nary a twinge of guilt because this person is a stranger that you will most likely never see again.

Sometime back I wrote a post related to EVERYONE wearing a mask — and while several pointed out the negatives and inconveniences associated with such an action — I still contend it’s an effective way to keep this virus from spreading out of control. People could go shopping, get their hair cut, go to gyms, attend public events, etc. so long as everyone wore a mask.

Yes! Masks are a pain. They are unpleasant to wear. They are a nuisance to put on and take off. They hide your beautiful face. But they can also be life-savers.

Unfortunately, due to our Independent Spirit (and our resistance to being our “brother’s keeper”), the statistics will most likely continue to rise until SCIENCE eventually comes to our rescue with a vaccine.

Until then, hopefully, the COVID-19 death count won’t touch you … or someone close to you.

Image by nina108 from Pixabay