A Reblog That Isn’t A Reblog

I recently came across a blog post that deeply impressed me and, for all intents and purposes, I planned to do a “reblog.” However, the post title is VERY long and to my thinking, really doesn’t do justice to the contents. So I decided to provide some snippets (along with a link to the post itself) and let you decide if you want to read more.

The writer starts out with this, which immediately intrigued me:

I’m not a leftist as you would define it. Why? Because you have no idea what a “leftist” is. So, I’m going to educate you.

And educate you he does!

Although he touches on several issues, he easily moves the reader from one to the next. Examples of things he covers:

  • He discusses the terms “Leftist” and “Rightist” and where they came from. (Great history lesson!)
  • He talks a bit about the five years that he lived in Canada and some of the differences between their government and that of the U.S.
  • He counters the belief that the U.S. is a “Christian” nation with some history and examples to support this “wrong thinking.”
  • He addresses the current gun controversy and relates it to our history as a British colony.
  • And finally, he compares our healthcare system with Canada and explains why the U.S. will probably never adopt Universal Healthcare. 

I admit that much of what he wrote is a reinforcement of the democratic ideals that many of us already hold. Nevertheless, I found he did share some facts and information that I hadn’t considered for a long time. Maybe you will have the same experience.

In any event … here is the link. I look forward to reading your thoughts and reactions.

(BTW, just as an FYI, the title is “Why Don’t Leftists Realize America is Too Different to Adopt the Nordic Model?”)

P.S. I encourage you to read his entertaining “About Me” page while you’re there. 😊