Thoughts and Prayers


Once again this TOTALLY USELESS phrase is being used after the terrible tragedy that took place in Kentucky and surrounding states when a series of tornados touched down in early December. 

Naturally, not everyone can serve as a rescue worker to clear out debris and search for bodies, but there are other available avenues to help those in need.

For example:

  • A person could donate to an agency that would provide resources to help people rebuild.
  • Or perhaps contact a nearby home improvement store and ask them to donate needed supplies.
  • OR if you are someone with “resources” (as Jeff Bezos, who owned a warehouse in the affected area), you could contact local authorities and offer financial assistance to those hardest hit.

But “thoughts and prayers”? Give. Me. A. Break.

For one thing, I highly doubt the average individual who uses the phrase spends more than a couple of minutes actually thinking about the tragedy (Thoughts). And their “Prayers” (most likely uttered only one time) probably consist of little more than … “Dear God. Please be there for these unfortunate people. In Jesus’ name. Amen.” And then their “thoughts” are back to their own personal needs.

There’s a very old saying that the “Thoughts and Prayers” people would do well to remember …

ACTIONS Speak Louder Than WORDS (i.e., prayers)

Let Me Show You My …

I rarely (if ever) address the topic of S.E.X. on this blog. Not that I’m against the act of, but mostly because (at my age) it’s simply not a subject I spend much time thinking about (in contrast to many men 😈).

However, since the topic has made a big splash in recent news (Jeff Bezos and The Enquirer), it seemed like an appropriate time to take a detour. Plus, an article published by CNN related to the “reasons why men send explicit photos” caught my attention.

Why DO men send such photos? Especially since they are very often unsolicited. One of the reasons mentioned … and I tend to agree with … is that men are not good at judging the level of a woman’s interest in them. But even more pointed … most women aren’t at all interested in pictures of penises. 👎

(So what ARE women interested in? Generally speaking, women are more turned on by a man’s eyes … or his butt. 👍)

It seems part of the reason behind such displays is that men tend to feel a connection to their genitalia — and they perceive the person they are interested in sexually shares that interest. However, such images are often not nearly as pleasurable to the recipient than the man thinks they are.

And then there are men who do it for the shock value. They get a thrill out of the woman’s reaction. Oftentimes, there are also tones of hostility in their actions.

Occasionally, men share such pictures because they are seeking acceptance and intimacy. And sometimes it’s a sign of bragging and dominance-seeking.

The articles asks whether such action is “hard-wired” into some men. Perhaps. But according to one sex therapist, “Even if we think of this behavior as being adaptive in an evolutionary sense, this isn’t to say that it’s OK or excusable for men to send women photos that they don’t want to see.”

So guys, I guess the final word would be to keep it in your pants … at least until it’s ready for “action.”