Tidal Wave of Truth?


In today’s “viewpoint” section of the local newspaper, someone pointed out how WRONG everyone was about the Jan 6th event because the film that was aired on Fox by Tucker Carlson totally showed that it was a peaceful demonstration.

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Okay folks, if you are one who openly supported the J-6 committee and their “deadly insurrection” tripe, you may wish to avail yourself of the opportunity to slip quietly away into the night before the tidal wave of truth washes over you

If it weren’t for that pesky mid-term election, the democrats in Congress would still be holding the J-6 video tapes incommunicado. Elections have consequences, as they say and thus Tucker Carlson has come into possession of said tapes and began airing them on Monday evening. A bitter pill for many, I am sure, to watch the J-6 committee’s narrative being destroyed.

Sadly, all that remains now, is for the wrongly convicted to be released from imprisonment.

It’s simply mind-boggling that people are so easily convinced when it aligns with their personal viewpoint. (And if we’re honest, this can work both ways.)

I tend to think there will be a rebuttal to this in tomorrow’s edition. At least I hope so!

Image by Jensen Art Co from Pixabay