I’m not going to say anything about this topic as I think the article says it all:

A Tale Of 2 Radicalizations

However, I do want to spotlight a comment made by one of the individuals described in the article:

[O]ne of the people who inspired him most was President Donald Trump.

Of course, as always, your reactions and comments are invited.

A Grand Conspiracy?

I have a friend on Facebook that is absolutely and unwaveringly certain the Sandy Hook shooting was a conspiracy. He has, over a period of time, offered “proofs” on why he believes this. Now he has included the Orlando shooting. This is what he posted today:

Israel hates Arab Muslims so badly, they wish to obliterate them. Israeli children are taught to hate Palestinians from Kindergarten up. Just take a look at what Israel is doing to Muslim Palestinians and the Gaza Strip. So Israel (ISIS) attacks under the fictional ISIS flag because they cannot attack under their own flag. Why else do you think ISIS has never attacked Israel?

Now the name of ISIS is being used in other areas, like mass shootings, in an effort to alter the 2nd Amendment. Ask yourself what a terror group would want with an insignificant gay club in Florida when there are thousands of gay clubs and bars across the nation and world? The answer is Nothing. But since Florida has NO regulations on the type of weapons claimed to have been used in the club shooting, this event would be the perfect excuse (largest mass shooting in US history) to enact legislation to heavily restrict guns. Just wait and see; but whatever you do, stop believing what the news is pushing down your throats. Use your logical brains out there. With ISIS being a work of fiction between the U.K., U.S. and Israel, the group can be made to take credit for any agenda that is out there.

He also claims tragedy donation and RIP webpages (for the teacher killed at Sandy Hook) were set up on Facebook, United Way, Red Cross, and others FOUR days before the shooting occurred.

He further writes:

Who knew 4 days in advance that a shooting was to happen? The fact that a Sandy Hook tragedy was in print 4 days early proves the event was staged and faked for a multi-purpose agenda. In reality, no one died at Sandy Hook. Stop believing what you saw on the news and the sadness they made you feel in your heart and LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELVES. Good Grief, Stop Being Propaganda Supporters. Now ask yourselves about the Florida nightclub and remove yourself from the shock that comes with the notion of a massacre and look at things objectively. I know you all want to believe that this many people could not possibly be in on a great deception; but you would be mistaken. I have studied Sandy Hook since the day it happened; and this one is unfolding the exact same way – as many other “shootings” have unfolded; with crisis actors and the works.