Two Different Impeachment Playbooks

Following are some of my thoughts related to this article.

I don’t know about you, but on several occasions I’ve considered the differences between Clinton’s impeachment and what’s happening with Trump. Although Clinton didn’t “own up” at first, he finally did … apologized … and got back to running the country for the American people. Trump, on the other hand …

Well, I’ll let you read this excerpt from the article:

While Trump rarely goes more than a few hours without weighing in on the impeachment inquiry, Clinton’s strategy was to appear above the impeachment fray, a figure too busy working on behalf of the American people to spend his days focused on the investigation by Ken Starr or the impeachment proceedings that followed.

Take note: Clinton’s strategy was to “be a figure too busy working on behalf of the American people.” (He has said he would advise Trump to do the same.)

And Sen. Lindsey Graham (Yes, that Lindsey Graham) actually said this:

President Clinton defended himself but he never stopped being presidential. The public may not have liked what the president had done, but believed that he was still able to do his job, and as he governed during impeachment, I think that was the single best thing he did.

Some of you may remember when Clinton apologized and asked for forgiveness for the hurt he’d caused his family and the American people. He added that he was “genuinely sorry” for the pain and the damage that he had caused and for the wrongs he had committed.

Trump, on the other hand, has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, frequently reiterating that his call to the Ukrainian president was “perfect.”

The article does point out that at the beginning, Clinton attempted to discredit and dismiss the investigation and the individuals conducting it. Eventually, however, he took his lumps and admitted the error of his ways.

One can hardly deny the difference between the two presidents.

Clinton acted like an adult and came out ahead in the end. Trump has acted like a child who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, all the while insisting the cookie jar doesn’t even exist.

As he commented at one of his recent campaign rallies: “How do you impeach a president who didn’t do anything wrong?”

And On and On It Goes

Several bloggers have addressed the topic of the Mueller Report, along with the proceedings that took place on Wednesday, July 24th. Many individuals have offered their thoughts/opinions via comments and other feedback, and while I agree with much of what has been offered, I also disagree with various points.

Rather than visit every source of discussion and offer/repeat my personal take on things, I decided to use this blog to offer some thoughts for your consideration.

  1. I tend to think Mueller was hesitant is his responses because he is/was like many others who are (or have been) serving in this administration. They are AFRAID to step too far out of the circle for fear of reprisal. I’m well aware of Mueller’s esteemed qualifications, but it’s still my personal opinion that tRumpsky wields more power “behind the scenes” than most of us are aware of. In fact, IMO, he is nothing short of a “mob boss,” meaning he has control over a very wide network of individuals who will do his bidding … whatever that may consist of. And if you don’t think he’s made this fact known to those who oppose him, you’re living in Alice’s world.
  2. It’s my opinion that VERY FEW of tRumpsky’s supporters have read the Mueller report. And I would guess only a very small minority actually watched yesterday’s proceedings. Why should they? Their esteemed leader has declared his innocence in any and all matters addressed in the report. And since Faux News has backed this up, that’s good enough for them.
  3. Lastly, while many are advancing the idea of impeachment, I have reservations about the action. Yes, overall, the process itself has merit, but IMO, it will NOT get past the Senate. The Republicans are too firmly in DEBT to “his majesty” to ever force him out of office. And if, as I suspect, he’s taken “off the hook,” I dread to think of the aftereffects many of us will be forced to endure.

Where any of this ends is anyone’s guess. Unfortunately, I tend to think we’re “stuck” with the status quo at least until the 2020 elections. tRumpsky will continue to tweet his lies and nasty insults. He will continue to appoint members to his administration who will do his bidding. He will continue to ruin our reputation among other countries. And he will continue to kiss the butt of those individuals who (as the Mueller Report clearly addressed) helped him win the election.

It’s unfortunate this individual has been able to take advantage of the gullible. But the really sad part is they’re not going to see what he has done to this country (and the world) until it’s too late.