The Democratic Perspective


I just finished reading this post by Dave Henderson, who writes a blog called “A Humanist’s perspective.” At the end of the post, he provided a link to a website that presents the platform of a group called Justice Democrats.

I visited the site and discovered I like much of what’s there because it seems to echo what I believe and support.

I’d be interested in knowing what you think.

  • Is this something you could get behind?
  • Are there any points in particular that you disagree with?
  • On the converse, are there some you could strongly support?
  • Would you be willing to sign up?

Are You Ready for a Spiritual Awakening?

I have a granddaughter who has a very difficult time understanding/accepting that I no longer believe in the Christian god. She recently made the comment: “It really bothers me that you doubt him after raising your own children in a Christian home.” I suppose if I were her, it would be pretty hard for me to understand as well. Unfortunately, we live many miles apart so the opportunity to sit down and explain my many reasons is pretty much impossible.

I have often said to myself … if she would only read my book, a lot of her questions and concerns would be answered. But of course, she never will. Even though (as some Amazon reviewers have said), the book was not written to condemn or attack Christians, it does question many of the central doctrines of the Christian faith. And this is what raises the red flag.

Believers have been taught the same story for hundreds and hundreds of years by pastors, preachers, bishops, etc. who are simply repeating what they themselves have been taught by their pastors, preachers, bishops, etc., who have been taught by … and the cycle continues. To look beyond these teachings is discouraged, if not outright forbidden by some fundamentalist churches (it’s all from “Satan!”).

Yet many who have ventured beyond these restrictions have experienced a spiritual awakening. Not all turn away from the church, but many see their god in a new, and sometimes exciting, way. Others find that spirituality is not defined by attending church or following the teachings of a book written by people who lived in another time under vastly different circumstances. Still others begin to see life from a more “humanistic” perspective; that is, they believe humanity’s capacity for fulfillment comes through reason and scientific method rather than religion.

As for me, here is a quote from my book:

Once I opened my mental doorways and began thinking for myself instead of relying on the teachings of others, I began an exciting and rewarding personal journey with what I now call the “Universal Presence.”

In other words, my personal spiritual awakening resulted in a connection with something far beyond anything that we can know or comprehend.

An Indian philosopher (Jiddu Krishnamurti) once wrote: As long as you ask questions you are breaking through, but the moment you begin to accept, you are psychologically dead. So right through life don’t accept a thing, but inquire, investigate.